Arcadegeddon: All the news of the autumn update revealed

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The players of Arcadegeddon now they can go to Gille’s Arcade and find out what’s new in the Fall Update. The fall update includes two big additions not initially planned for the game until full launch in 2022. Location e Crossplay are now also available in the Early Access phase. Players can play Arcadegeddon on PlayStation5 and PC (Epic Game Store), with other platforms coming to full launch.

Arcadegeddon: all the news of the autumn update

Get the location and the crossplay upfront came at a small cost, but IllFonic’s Early Access tests showed it would have been an advantage for the title to make it available now over keeping it for the dayone. The last gang leaders, Flexy e Lexy, they need more time and will not be featured in the fall update.

IlFonic wants to make sure that all of the game’s features are of the highest quality before they are released in the Early Access title. On the other hand, there are lots of new features available for everyone in the autumn update: from the daily challenges to the new biome, Downtown, which had been presented to the last Gamescom.

Arcadegeddon will now have an offline mode and combo systems. There is also a dynamic skybox, and one way to notice is that it changes as the difficulty of the ride increases. There is a new Demon Chief Prince to challenge you, along with a new enemy, the Glitch witch. Lots of new possibilities to customize your look will be available now at Gilly. For a full list of everything in the fall update, we recommend checking out the official site.

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