LG ThinQ: the free app for monitoring air quality arrives

La nuova app LG ThinQ gestisce e monitora le soluzioni per riscaldamento LG thumbnail

With the lowering of temperatures, the time spent indoors increases, with a consequent greater attention towards the air that you breathe inside. In addition to heating and cooling, LG offers LG ThinQ, the new app to better monitor and manage indoor air conditioning.

LG ThinQ: that’s what it is

The home of the future will become increasingly smart, to offer more comfortable but above all healthier environments. And it is precisely with this objective that the Air Solution division of LG Electronics has always been committed to the development of innovative products. I am an example of this LG’s heating and cooling solutions. These combine the efficiency of air conditioning and air purification with maximum ease of use and management. Furthermore, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi, the devices communicate with the app LG ThinQ.

The app, which can be downloaded for free from the Android and iOS app stores, allows you to manage all the main functions of HVAC systems (whether air conditioners or air purifiers) in a simple and intuitive way. LG ThinQ provides intuitive control and tracks consumption thanks to a combination of analytics, sensors and usage data.

The importance of air quality monitoring

With LG ThinQ it is also possible to customize the main settings, as well as to time filter maintenance, set weekly schedules and use the Smart Diagnosis feature to send operation notifications and support for a wide range of technical problems. The indoor air quality monitoring it is one of the most interesting and current features of the app. In fact, with the arrival of the winter season, more and more time is spent at home. And this is why we tend to ventilate the rooms less, making the air we breathe inside the buildings stale and unhealthy.

“Today the experience of using air conditioning systems has completely changed thanks to new technologies and in particular to artificial intelligence and IoT connectivity. Thanks to the LG ThinQ app we offer our customers the possibility to select the desired settings, at any time and wherever they are, to enjoy a comfortable environment when they return “, said Gianluca Figini, Air Solution Director, LG Electronics Italia. “We are proud to provide superior air quality and comfort wherever our products are installed. This is why we continue to innovate through solutions that offer new performances in the sector but which at the same time guarantee healthy environments in line with the needs of our changing world “.

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