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Are hard drives still indispensable? Toshiba’s opinion

Since they were launched flash memorythe disappearance of the hard disk. Despite this, this storage device continues to be used in many application areas. Second Toshiba, hard drives are and will be indispensable in some fundamental applications. Here’s what they are.

Toshiba: Hard drives will still be indispensable

Here are the reasons according to which hard disks will still be used, with the parallelism attached to flash memories.

Toshiba and hard drives: online storage in centralized data centers and in the cloud

Digital services are now present in almost all companies and in many areas of society. Whether Industry 4.0, connected vehicles, streaming platforms or social networks, the huge and constantly growing volume of data is stored on hard drives in data centers. HDDs are definitely the cheapest medium for these large online storage facilities. Their capacity is continuously increasing thanks to advances in technology, while the price per Terabyte is progressively decreasing. Flash memory, on the other hand, is much more expensive and cannot be produced in sufficient quantities.

Network storage in businesses and homes

I systems NAS (Network Attached Storage) they serve as the central storage for data storage and backup for small and medium-sized businesses and homes. HDDs are the ideal storage medium for these versatile devices, and not just because of the cost. In fact, they are able to sustain transfer speeds in most corporate and home networks, where the high performance of flash memory is only felt when transferring many small files.

Video surveillance

The cameras, now predominantly high resolution, guarantee a video stream that hard drives can archive perfectly. They also offer plenty of storage space at a low cost, making them ideal for the large amounts of data generated by modern 4K and 8K cameras.


External storage for computers and gamers

Flash memories have replaced hard drives in almost all client systems. Since i manufacturers of PCs, notebooks and gaming consoles Often they only install SSDs that are quite small for cost reasons, today’s users generally have less storage capacity available in devices than they used to with hard drives. At the same time, storage needs increase because, for example, photo albums are growing and new, even more sophisticated video games can occupy several tens of Gigabytes of space.


When it comes to archive data for the long term, hard drives are ideal, along with cassette tapes. Hard drives are the most expensive solution for the same capacity, but they have the advantage of having shorter response times for retrieving certain documents. Furthermore, HDDs allow the use of deduplication mechanisms that reduce the amount of data to be archived: a solution to significantly reduce costs, depending on the type of data.

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