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The Magician of the Mirror, the awaited expansion in Italian of HeroQuest is available

The Magician of the Mirrorthe wait Italian expansion of HeroQuest, is finally available in comic shops, bookstores, specialty stores and online. Let’s find out all the details together.

The Magician of the Mirror, the awaited expansion in Italian of HeroQuest is available

Since its return to the shelves in the new Italian edition, HeroQuest brought back the memories of many fans who in the 80s/90s spent hours in the company of the epic protagonists of one of the milestones of dungeon crawler experiencing incredible stories.

After the great success of the first expansion, Frozen Horrorannounced last year, one of the most anticipated and fan-favorite add-on quest packs is now available: “The Magician of the Mirror”.

HeroQuest it was the first title to know how to merge the fantasy universe not miniature in a single board game with immortal mechanics. Thanks to the expansion “The Magician of the Mirror”players will be able to take on the role of a brave new heroine, whose mission is to rescue the princess Millandrielltrapped by the villain Archmage Sinestra. However, before you can go through the looking glass and enter the Reflected Realm to save the princess, the Elf along with her fellow heroes will have to overcome a series of trials and feats which will help them prepare for the epic final showdown.

We remind you that to use the new expansion set it is necessary to have the base system of HeroQuest. The new expansion in Italian of La Maga dello Specchio contains a Book of Enterprises con 10 new adventures, 33 paintable miniatures, 35 playing cards, a sheet of cardboard dowels e the instruction manual. In short, everything you need for exciting and memorable game sessions. Are you ready for this new adventure? For more information, you can consult the official site.

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