Are national internet providers a strategic asset? Yes, according to the AIIP

I provider internet nazionali sono un asset strategico? Sì, secondo l'AIIP thumbnail

According to theItalian Internet Provider Association national operators would be a strategic asset, necessary for the recovery and integrity of the country and reduce the digital divide. To declare it firmly is Giovanni Zorzoni, president of the association, according to which an inclusive, federated and widespread approach can give Italy the impetus and support necessary to overcome the important challenges we face.

Are national internet providers a strategic asset?

The Italian Internet Provider Association (AIIP) has placed particular importance on prolonged disruption of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram on Monday, which led to numerous inconveniences for a very high number of users. According to AIIP, this event highlighted the need for a solid and resilient infrastructure for digital services, especially in Italy.

Precisely for this reason, the president stated that it is “essential that, in this phase of the launch of the PNRR projects, we consider, alongside the large national construction sites such as the National Strategic Pole, the strategic role of local Operators, who represent an ecosystem distributed and federable, a critical success factor for the innovation and digital resilience of the country, as well as an essential element of territorial proximity to accompany Italian companies and public administrations in their transformation path “.

From the words of Zorzoni it emerges therefore the need to distribute the enabling digital infrastructures and services through local operators, as a way to reduce risks, increase security, resilience and enhance widespread innovation by reducing the gap between Italian territories.

In short, it is clear that the the underlying theme is that of investment in a much more efficient internet network than the one currently present in our country. A noble intent, given that many areas of Italy are still strongly disadvantaged in this sense, but which presents numerous problems to be faced. The hope is that this stance will at least partially move the waters.