Are there any indestructible smartphones? Interview with riPhone

Are there any indestructible smartphones?  Interview with riPhone

Are there any indestructible smartphones? This is the question asked to the experts of Verona riPhone, let’s find out the answer!

I telefoni rugged are smartphones that can be considered indestructible. To find out what their characteristics are and how they can guarantee such high performance, we asked the experts for a hand riPhone Verona. riPhone deals with the repair of damaged iPhones (but also iPads, iPods and many other electronic devices): in short, if all the phones were of the rugged type, they would do very little business! But let’s try to understand more.

What are we talking about when we refer to rugged phones?

The word “rugged” means “rigid”. In fact, phones of this type are strong and hard, such as not to risk breaking in the event of bumps or accidental events. For a smartphone to be considered rugged, it needs to outperform various endurance tests and that it is in line with certain civil or even military requirements.

What test am I?

These are checks that are put in place to allow the attribution of the IP certification, through which the ability of the device to resist sand, frost or rain can be established. At present there are no rugged smartphones with an iOS operating system, which means that iPhone enthusiasts have to resign themselves to using an Android model.

What are the typical characteristics of such a phone?

The advantages offered by a smartphone of this type are evident, given that we are talking about a device capable of lasting much longer than its counterparts, including the latest generation smartphones. The screen is not in danger of breaking precisely because it is designed and built in such a way as to be able to withstand shocks of any kind. The body, then, boasts a thickness greater than that which distinguishes traditional smartphones. The composition of the materials is based on rubber and plastic, which is also why shocks can be absorbed effectively.

So these seemingly indestructible phones only offer advantages?

Well, it all depends on why you decide to buy them and what you expect to get. Let’s say that the main defects are of an aesthetic nature, but weaknesses can also be identified on a practical level. A rugged phone, in fact, has slightly larger size compared to those of a classic smartphone, but above all it is much heavier. This depends on the presence of the rubber shell, through which the device can be protected from bumps and falls. Since it is a work phone, then, the camera does not ensure high-level performance.

When should you choose a similar phone?

For example when you need to keep a phone with you while doing sports. While normal smartphones are at risk of breaking on the first fall – a not so unlikely event during a workout – this cannot happen with rugged ones. Also, classic phones can’t be used with wet hands, and therefore cannot be handled after swimming or simply while in the rain. But that’s not all, because the quality of the battery performance, which is characterized by its long duration: in short, you can set out for trips or excursions without running the risk of finding yourself with the phone out of order.

But you said that rugged are also work smartphones

Sure, and they guarantee the highest safety standards even in potentially dangerous contexts, such as a foundry, a quarry or a mine: in fact, they are equipped with GPS system and resist dust and moisture without any problem.