Ark Survival Evolved: new DLC available

Ark Survival Evolved expands even further with the new Genesis Part 2 DLC that introduces a myriad of missions and other new features

Ark: Genesis Part 2, the DLC final of the Ark Survival Evolved survival saga, has arrived. The conclusion of the game offers the largest map ever released so far, new missions and new story chapters that bridge the gap with the Ark 2 sequel. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Ark Survival Evolved: here are the news of the DLC Genesis Part 2

In Genesis Part 2, the new DLC of Ark Survival Evolved you will explore a new world full of new biomes and creatures, participating in missions with a new storyline that will test your survival skills. Also presented the episode of the final showdown between HLN-A and Sir Edmund Rockwell which takes place on a colonial ship traveling through space.

In the new missions a holographic guide, HLN-A, will offer a wide range of new assignments with various difficulty levels, as the survivors gather strength for the final battle against Rockwell. You will get new bonus throughout the map, which can be spent on additional resources, Engram points, items SINGLE, travel between maps and much more. The heart of the experience will be the gigantic spaceship filled with unique biomes, including beautiful Elyos fields, an exotic twilight realm with highly evolved life forms, the depths of outer space, and even the ever-expanding bowels of Rockwell himself.

Whether it is sentient alien plants, Rockwell’s digestive fluids or asteroids arriving from intergalactic space, each biome presents unique dangers, but also opportunities to acquire new resources and creatures, including the new powerful “Mutageno”Which will allow you to further evolve.

The vast expanses of the world of Genesis Part 2 are filled with Noglin, elegant Stryder high-tech, the adorable mobile nest Maewing and even the starfighter Astrodelphis which shoots lasers, throws bombs, can barrel-spin. more new fantasy creatures and evolved R variants of old favorites. As you face the many dangers of this new world, you will have access to powerful new tools. You will learn how to position remote cameras, do stunts with a Hoversail skateboard suspended in midair, take care of the eggs in the high-tech incubator, shoot arrows of pure energy with the TEK bow, and participate in even a strategic command mode in real-time-time with the new Exo-Mek and more.

As previously mentioned, the expansion is a bridge between the current game and the recently announced sequel, Ark 2. Genesis Part 2 also introduces new voice actors to the Ark universe, with David Tennant (Doctor Who, Good Omens) who plays the villain Sir Edmund Rockwell and Madeleine Madden (The Wheel of Time, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Dora and the Lost City of Gold) che assume il ruolo del partner robotica.

Genesis Part 2 is now available for download as part of Genesis Season Pass on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox One and PS4. In addition to Genesis Part 1 and Part 2, the Season Pass includes a cosmetic Chibi Noglin, a cosmetic Chibi Shadowmane, a new set of armor and an in-game AI robotic companion called “HLN-AWhich can scan additional hidden explorer notes.

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