Arlo’s new offers for Black Friday

Le nuove offerte di Arlo per il Black Friday thumbnail

Arlo’s Black Friday deals continue. The company still offers new discounts with the possibility of obtaining significant savings on various products available in promotion. Among the Arlo offers for Black Friday we point out the possibility to buy the video camera Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight with one discount up to 45% on the list price. It is a video camera designed for outdoor environments and able to illuminate, thanks to the special spotlight, up to 7 meters away. The Pro 3 Floodlight is available starting at 200 euros.

The Arlo offers for Black Friday continue

Also noteworthy is 28% discount on the camcorder Arlo Ultra 2, another excellent proposal for Black Friday from the company. The camera is able to guarantee optimal operation even at night, alerting the user with a notification on the smartphone in real time in case of need. In discount we also find Arlo Essential Spotlight and various other products, which can be purchased with a net discount compared to the list price.

How to consult the offers

To find out all the offers available at this time, you can consult it shop di Arlo on Amazon. The shop is divided into categories and it will be easy to identify the desired options to take advantage of current promotions. We remind you that there is time until next November 29 to take advantage of the offers and discounts available for Black Friday.

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