Artemis 1 è in viaggio verso la Luna thumbnail

Artemis 1 is finally on its way to the Moon

Artemis 1 is on its way to the Moon thumbnail

The long journey of space exploration resumes with the launch of Artemis 1 to the Moon. The unmanned mission departed from the Kennedy Space Center and is now en route to Earth’s satellite. This is the first step, postponed several times, of the program that aims to bring man back to the moon over the next few years. Here are the full details:

Artemis 1’s journey to the Moon has begun: it is a very important test for the NASA program

The launch of Artemis 1 can be reviewed from the video attached below. This is a key test for the next steps of program Artemis. The mission is expected to last 25 days. The launch took place after numerous delays related, above all, to the development of the SLS module, the rocket used for launch. Initially, in fact, the goal was to complete the launch by 2016.

If the mission is successful, the Artemis program will continue its journey towards the Moon landing with a second manned mission. Subsequently further launches are planned with thegoal of returning to the moon by 2025 (but most likely you will need to wait a few more years).

To review the launch you can refer to the video below:

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