Artemis 1: the mission is ready for the Moon

Artemis 1: il razzo SLS è stato installato, la missione è pronta per la Luna thumbnail

The rocket of the Artemis 1 mission is ready to reach the Moon. The vehicle was positioned on Kennedy Space Center platform 39B in Cape Canaveral ahead of launch, scheduled for the next 29 of August. The installation procedure took about 10 hours. Here are all the details:

Artemis 1 is ready to reach the Moon

The Artemis 1 mission is approaching departure for the Moon. Operations for the transport of the SLS rocket – Space Launch System ended with the integration of the Orion capsule. The scheduled departure date is set for the next one August 29, at 2.33 pm in Italy. In case of weather problems or adversity, two other “reserve” dates are already planned. Artemis 1 could leave for the Moon at 18.48 on September 2 or at 11.12 on September 5 (both times refer to Italian time). Note that the video of the rocket transport is also available:

Note that there will be no astronauts aboard the Orion capsule. The Artemis 1 mission will last 42 days and will be an opportunity to collect information and perform various scientific activities related to future missions to the Moon which, in the near future, will once again become a reference for space exploration. Further updates will arrive over the next few days. The Artemis 1 mission is preparing to go live.