Artificial intelligence will translate calls on Samsung smartphones

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Artificial intelligence it is the new technology that all companies have slowly decided to adopt because it makes the use of the device more efficient and simplifies users’ lives. Also Samsung adopts artificial intelligence, which will allow the translation of calls. This feature will be available on models Galaxy.

Samsung launches artificial intelligence for call translation: how it will work

Samsung has decided to adopt artificial intelligence to help users perform a number of functions. Among them we find the call translation in a language other than your own. The transformation will happen below form of audio and text.

Bixby text-to-call di Samsung

The company has already launched a very interesting option called Bixbt-to-call. What is it about? An artificial voice speaks in place of the user, to ask for primary information from an interlocutor on the telephone, when the person receiving the call cannot speak.

When Samsung’s artificial intelligence will be available

Samsung’s artificial intelligence capable of translating calls should be available from the beginning of 2024same period in which the family of Galaxy S24.

Gauss, the AI ​​in which Samsung is investing

Not only Galaxy AI, but also Gauss, another artificial intelligence on which the Korean company’s future projects will be based. It comes from the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, who created the theory of “normal distribution”, the centerpiece of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Developed by Samsung Research, the model includes Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code and Samsung Gauss Image. All features that refer to the generative AI of competitors ChatGpt by OpenAI and Bard by Google.

Samsung will make 1.4nm chips in a few years

Other news from Samsung. The Korean company has clarified what the roadmap for its future in chip production will be. The next step involves the departure of 2 nm production process which will be ready for the 2025.

This production process will be used for mobile applications and, therefore, also for the smartphone sector. However, Samsung is looking to the future. In fact, after 2 nm, the next objective has already been set. By 2027In fact, chip production will begin with 1.4 nm manufacturing process.

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