Fastweb adopts artificial intelligence and launches FastwebAI: what it is

Fastweb adotta l'intelligenza artificiale e lancia FastwebAI: di cosa si tratta thumbnail

Fastweb experiment with artificial intelligence and launch FastwebAIthe first assistant on the market based on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo algorithm, which leverages generative artificial intelligence to accompany users in discovering Fastweb’s fixed and mobile Internet services and offers best suited to their needs through natural, immediate and personalized conversations.

Fastweb adopts artificial intelligence and launches FastwebAI

The testing of the new virtual assistant accessible from the official website is part of the company’s positioning path which aims at the progressive integration of artificial intelligence and data-driven technologies within company processes as strategic levers for offering services and increasingly innovative products to promote the digitalisation of families, businesses and public administrations.

Con FastwebAI it’s possible receive information on the world of consumer offers quickly and at any time through textual interaction with an assistant capable of understanding user needs and generating detailed responses through self-learning logic powered by the GPT Chat engine.

FastwebAI artificial intelligence, how it works

Through the generative artificial intelligence algorithm trained by Fastweb to understand and answer questions, FastwebAI is able to provide answers to the main questions about the company’s services such as, for example, offers for smartphones with more Gigabytes or unlimited minutes, information on navigation costs abroad, additional services included for landline offers or for the world of VAT numbers, up to the coverage of the 5G mobile service.

In the next months FastwebAI will be progressively trained to generate increasingly accurate answers also increasing its learning and response capabilities through the integration of features for personalized technical assistance. FastwebAI is based on GPT 3.5 Turbo technology and uses services Microsoft Azure OpenAI to guarantee users data confidentiality and maximum performance.

The word a Walter Renna, CEO of Fastweb

“With the advent of the Internet we have witnessed a digital revolution that has transformed our way of living and working and today artificial intelligence represents the new frontier of this profound transformation. The real challenge now is to make AI increasingly pervasive and accessible to everyone and with the launch of FastwebAI we want to be the first to experiment with this extraordinary technology in the way we come into contact with people and interact with them” he declared Walter Renna, CEO of Fastweb.

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