Photography exhibitions in November: all the exhibitions in Italy

Mostre di fotografia a novembre: tutte le mostre in Italia

For all photography enthusiasts, a new column has been created which illustrates the main photography exhibitions in Italy each month, the most interesting ones and not to be missed: let’s discover the ones in November together!

For those who are tired of always missing out on appointments with the best photographic exhibitions in Italy, there is a new column, created precisely to be an agenda to always carry with you! Every month we will make a list of all the best photography exhibitions in Italy and we will therefore start with the month of November. For professionals who want to seek new stimuli, for enthusiasts who love exhibited photography, photography exhibitions are always a pleasure and for the month of November, there are truly some titles not to be missed! From the masters of photography returning to exhibitions in Italy, to contemporary art photographersfrom very large exhibitions, to exhibitions with few shots but very particular and intense, like that of Matthew Ozbot made with Fujifilm prints. Ready to discover them with us?

Photography exhibitions November| Helmut Newton in Rome

WHEN: from 18 October to 10 March 2024
WHERE: Ara Pacis, Rome

In the Ara Pacis Museum in Rome you can enjoy the large retrospective dedicated to Helmut Newton, created on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the German photographer’s birth. The exhibition brings together a series of 250 photographs, as well as magazines and documents, to examine the artist’s language and provocative side. HELMUT NEWTON composed. LEGACY are some of the photographer’s most iconic works: among these stand out those linked to the most revolutionary and subversive fashion shoots for the time and the series inspired by the films of Hitchcock, Truffaut and Fellini.

Photography exhibitions in November: all the exhibitions in Italy

Show photography November| Sebastian Salgado

TITLE: Amazon
WHEN: from 12 May 2023 to 28 January 2024 (extended)
WHERE: Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan

An author famous throughout the world, with an exhibition that has toured the world, but which from this year is available in Milan. After the Genesi project, dedicated to the most remote regions of the planet to demonstrate their majestic beauty, Sebastião Salgado has embarked on a new series of trips to capture the incredible richness and variety of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and the ways of life of its people, settling in their villages for several weeks and photographing different ethnic groups. A project that lasted seven years, during which she photographed the vegetation, the rivers, the mountains and the people who live there. With over 200 photographs, Amazônia aims to propose a total immersion in the Amazon rainforest, inviting us to reflect on the need to protect it.

Photography exhibitions November| Mimmo Jodice in Turin

TITLE: Timeless
WHEN: from 29 June 2023 to 7 January 2024
WHERE: Gallerie d’Italia, Turin

The exhibition of Mimmo Jodice, Senza tempo, curated by Roberto Koch is the second chapter of the “La Grande Fotografia Italiana” project, launched in 2022 with the Lisetta Carmi exhibition. This project was born with the intention of creating a tribute to the great masters of photography of our country. The exhibition projects also involve the involvement of another artist alongside the chosen author: in this case Mario Martone, famous director and author, directed and created a documentary film on the life of Mimmo Jodice, his friend and fellow citizen, which is shown in the exhibition halls for the first time.

Photography exhibitions November| The work of Tina Medotti

TITLE: Tima Medotti. The work.
WHEN: from 22 September 2023 to 28 January 2024
WHERE: Palazzo Roverella, Turin

At Palazzo Roverella the most complete exhibition ever organized in Italy on the work of Tina Modotti. More than 300 works including images, films and documents reconstruct the photographic work of one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. From architecture to still lifes, from the story of the daily life of the working classes, farmers, workers, children and women, to the mutation of the suburbs with the arrival of the new modernity. If her first steps as a photographer were still influenced by the great American photographer Edward Weston, of whom she was assistant and model during the years of the Mexican revolution, Tina Modotti’s gaze soon acquired her own personality both in the choice of subjects and in the their representation.

Photography exhibitions in November: all the exhibitions in Italy

Photography exhibitions November| Robert Doisneau in Verona

TITLE: Robert Doisneau, the great retrospective on the famous French photographer
WHEN: from 15 November 2023 to 14 February 2024
WHERE: Palazzo della Gran Guardia Verona

The master of twentieth-century photography returns to Italy with a retrospective of 135 of the best-known images, but also many experiments. Among the works on display could not be missing Le Baiser de l’Hôtel de Ville, Paris, 1950, a famous and iconic image, considered among the most reproduced in the world, in which a young couple kisses in front of the Paris town hall. The famous shot was not the result of chance: Doisneau was doing a shoot for the American magazine Life and for this reason he asked the two young people to pose for him.

Photography exhibitions in November: all the exhibitions in Italy

Photography exhibitions November| The Eve Arnold retrospective

TITLE: Eve Arnold. The work, 1950-1980.
WHEN: from 23 September 2023 to 7 January 2024
WHERE: Civic Museum of San Domenico, Forlì

For those who missed the Turin a Camera exhibition, you can enjoy the beautiful shots of Eve Arnold in Forlì, with the first stop of this traveling exhibition. Difficult to identify a single fil rouge that summarizes her poetics: over the years, film stars, fashion shows and investigative reports have passed in front of Eve Arnold’s lens, still current in the gaze. For this reason, the exhibition is divided into a broad journey through 160 photographs: a real journey into the production of the American photographer, also marked in the transition from black and white to color shots.

Photography exhibitions November| The Mangnum photographers

TITLE: The 1950s. American stories of the great Magnum photographers
WHEN: from 7 October 2023 to 10 December 2023
WHERE: Governor’s Palace, Parma

A great exhibition for lovers of classic photography is the one that tells American stories with shots by Magnum photographers. On display are famous and unpublished shots by Dennis Stock, Elliott Erwitt, Werner Bischof, Wayne Miller, Philippe Halsman, Inge Morath, Burt Glinn, Bob Henriques, Rene Burri, Cornell Capa, Leonard Freed, Erich Hartmann, Bruce Davidson, Eve Arnold: for the first time all these masters of photography together in an original project curated by Marco Minuz together with Summer Jamboree.

Photography exhibitions in November: all the exhibitions in Italy

Photography exhibitions November| Stefano Rosselli’s Ukraine

TITLE: Ukraine
WHEN: from 8 November to 7 January 2024
WHERE: Shoah Memorial, Milan

An exhibition that hosts shots of the work created by photographer Stefano Rosselli in the three trips organized from February 2023 to the war-torn country. A story that focuses on the daily life of those who “remain”, amidst the torments of war, and indirectly speaks to future generations. The exhibition makes use of of the imaging experience of FUJIFILM which took charge of the production of the images by making available its own materials designed for high-level professional photographic printing.

Photography exhibitions November | Mattia Ozbot FCF Gallery

TITLE: Towards the next goal
WHEN: from 9 November to 1 December 2023
WHERE: FCF Gallery, Milan (free entry)

The exhibition entitled “Towards the next finish line”, curated by Loredana De Pace, is the result of meticulous and passionate work on the part of by the artist Mattia Ozbot. With his technical mastery and artistic sensitivity, he managed to capture the unique energy and emotions of sport in every single photograph exhibited. The exhibition offers a glimpse into Ozbot’s work experience during the World Athletics Championships in Budapest. From basketball and football to winter skiing, cycling, swimming and more, Ozbot’s photographs capture the emotions, actions and shared joy synonymous with sports. “Towards the Next Finish Line” will give all sports enthusiasts and photography lovers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique visual experience. The prints of the exhibition are made thanks to the support of FUJIFILM Italia, in an unusual and very particular place, FCF Forniture Cine Foto.