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Ascending Tides review: the new cycle of The Elder Scrolls Online

Lower the sails sailors, a new cycle of adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online is about to arrive and with him all the charm of High Isle. The land of the Bretons will in fact be the scene of the new expansion that will arrive on PC on June 6th. In the meantime, it is already available Ascending Tidesthe first DLC of this new cycle, which we tell you in this review.

Our review of The Elder Scrolls Online: Ascending Tides

Ascending Tides gives us an idea of ​​the themes and atmospheres that we discover in Legacy of the Bretons thanks to two new dungeons all to explore: Shipwright’s Regret e Coral Aerie. These are dunes dungeons to be faced together with a party that will put us in front of great challenges, secret bosses and many new objects to find.

In addition to the dungeons, in fact, we have a complete set of 8 pieces of equipment, new collectibles and objects to decorate our home, as well as new achievements and titles.

Two new Dungeons: Coral Aerie…

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The “first” dungeon to face (although there is no real order) will take us to the north coast of Summerset, in the coral bay where the Order of the Ascendant hides. Here we will meet the captain Kaleen who will tell us about the disappearance of the thief Jakarm. Between coral formations and elven ruins, our party will have to face the enemies who hold the charming thief captive, a series of sea monsters and griffins. To these threats is also added a Secret Boss which will give you a hard time but also excellent rewards.

This group dungeon features extraordinary seas settingsne that give us a taste of the atmosphere that we will see in the new expansion set in the land of the Bretons. Enemies and allies give us back that pirate atmosphere that was missing in The Elder Scrolls.

Although there are no particular mechanics or variations, Coral Aerie seemed to us a great Dungeon, simple and fun.

…e Shipwright’s Regret

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Shipwright’s Regret immerses us (it happens?: D) in a similar climate but at the same time different from the previous dungeon. The scenery of Shipwright’s Regret is in fact a swampy territory full of creatures that we would expect to see in such an environment. Not only that, the whole area is a veritable graveyard of ships and of those intrepid sailors who have become entangled in the dangers of the sea.

Here we will meet the Captain Za’ji, a Kajhiiti who left in search of a treasure apparently of great value who, clearly, has encountered more difficulties than he expected and now needs our help. Shipwright’s Regret is certainly the most intriguing Dungeon, both for settings and for the challenges it offers.

Beyond marine and reptilian creatures, we find undead and ghouls who will give us a hard time. In addition to the final Boss reviving the Sea Elves, we also find a dangerous screaming Wright that will require a great deal of party cooperation. Also here is a secret boss. Like any self-respecting game, look behind the falls!

The Ascending Tide review in brief

The Elder Scrolls Online: Ascending Tides gives us a fantastic taste of the atmospheres, themes and enemies that we will see in the new expansion coming next 6 June (on PC).

The introduced group dungeons are short and very simple but no less fun and interesting than longer dungeons. An interesting taste of the wave of content coming to The Elder Scrolls Online that we can’t wait to explore.


  • Two new interesting dungeons
  • Pirate environments and enemies
  • Excellent conditions for the new expansion


  • A handful of new content
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