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ASL Abruzzo hacker attack, the Guarantor: “Downloading data is a crime”

And group of hackers hacked into the computer system ASL in Abruzzo with an attack on 3 May and has stolen the health data of operators and patients: the Privacy Guarantor underlines that downloading this data is a crime. So they can’t be shared, even by someone who isn’t a hacker.

ASL Abruzzo hacker attack, downloading data is a crime

Hackers have stolen various personal data, encrypting them with a ransomware that prevents access to files unless a sum of money is paid. With the attack, all stolen sensitive data ended up on the dark web, including including medical records, cancer diagnoses, miscarriages, chronic diseases and physiotherapyas well as organizational information.

It’s about 386 gigabytes in addition to the 522 gigabytes of data stolen from the L’Aquila local health authority on the night of 3 May. i have also appeared on the dark web personal data of the mafia boss Messina Denaro.

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The Privacy Guarantor warns: “With reference to the recent hacker attack suffered by the Asl 1 Abruzzo, the Guarantor for the protection of personal data reminds that anyone who comes into possession or downloads the data published on the dark web by criminal organizations – and uses them for their own purposes or disseminate them online, on social networks or otherwise – engages in unlawful conduct which may, in the cases provided for by law, constitute a crime“.

The Guarantor also underlines that this is an “even more heinous crime, because it concerns health data, such as in particular information on pathologies and medical treatments of people in conditions of vulnerability and fragility”.

A warning to anyone intending to download these highly personal files.

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