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The LEGO Group takes fans to the bottom of the sea

The LEGO Group reveals 3 new sets inspired by the highly anticipated Disney film “The Little Mermaid”, which will be released in cinemas on 24 May 2023

Fans of the Disney world can venture into the wonderful world of Princess Ariel thanks to these fantastic models, capable of giving passionate gaming experiences, in the company of the protagonists of the iconic film. Everyone has dreamed of diving into Triton’s kingdom at least once, and now it’s possible! No matter the age, the LEGO Group has thought of everyone!

The LEGO Group takes fans to the bottom of the sea

Little Mermaid story book

Designed for little Ariel fans aged 5 and up. Inside this fantastic set are two underwater settings inspired by the film, which can then be closed like a book and taken with you wherever you want.

The first area consists of Ariel’s cave, the place where the Mermaid it houses all the earthly treasures (also present in the set) and includes the mini-dolls of the adventure companions Ariel, Principe Eric, Ursula e Sebastian. The other enchanted area is the mysterious lair of Ursulawhere the sea witch makes her magical potions!

The LEGO Group takes fans to the bottom of the sea

Ariel’s Casket

Designed for Little Mermaid fans aged 5 and up. Little builders can play with this set by composing their own treasure chest, decorating it and filling the two secret drawers with memories: in fact, there are magical objects such as a candlestick, jewels and even a statue!

It is also possible, by inserting the key in the lock, to turn Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian, whose minifigures are present inside the set, just like in a music box.

The LEGO Group takes fans to the bottom of the sea

The real shell of the Little Mermaid

Also designed for older fans by offering LEGO The Royal Shell of the Little Mermaid (43225), inspired by the most memorable moments of the film.

This wonderful display and playset is packed with detail and features references to some of the iconic locations from The Little Mermaid, such as Throne Rock, Ariel’s Cave and Ursula’s Lair. Also, the set includes the 7 minifigures of Ariel, Ursula, King Triton, Sebastian, Flounder and the Little Mermaid’s sisters (Indira and Karina) characters.

And you? What do you think of these new LEGO sets dedicated to the Little Mermaid? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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