ASMedia USB4 host controller: ready for launch by the end of the year

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Latest news from the ASMedia world. The company has confirmed that it will launch the USB4 host controller ASMedia later this year

ASMedia appears to be the first company to release a USB4 host-controller. In fact, the ASMedia controller hostUSB4 it will be the first of its kind. The ASM4242 is said to have a 4.0 x4 PCIe interface and supports up to 64 Gbps of bandwidth. Backwards compatible with Thunderbolt 3 e DP Alt Mode.

Technical specifications | ASMedia host controller USB4

Thanks to the help of AMD e Intelthe manufacturer of high-speed transmission ICs Xiangshuo (5269) launched i main control chips (ASM4242) e you device control (ASM2464PD). A true exclusive for the sector, being complete and of a high standard, and which may be owned by the chip USB4 di Xiangshuo. Multifunctional integration of high-speed data, video and power transmission products USB 4.0 HOST they are expected to send samples in May and June of this year and complete customer verification in the fourth quarter.

ASMedia USB4 host controller: ready for launch by the end of the year

Write speed

The general manager of Xiangshuo TechnologyLin Zhewei, said that

after the introduction of the USB4 specification, the latter became the primary focus for various IC design manufacturers.

The write speed can approach 40 Gb / s to the maximum and supports both PCIe Gen4 che Thunderbolt3. USB 4 provides high-speed channels and realizes related applications such as data, audio and video transmission and power supply, has the latest specifications and is backward compatible. The chip ASM4242 on the main control end connection port is PCIe Gen4x4the bandwidth is up to 64 Gb / sthe downstream end consists of two USB 4 TYPE-C ports, the bandwidth is up to 40Gb / s and also cut into DP, which is compatible with the regulations of Thunderbolt 3 transmission.

Il ASM2464PD chip on the device side is connected to the main control end via USB 4 TYPE-C, downlink PCIe Gen4x4 and integrates the PD (Power Delivery) control chip. The Power Delivery (PD) control chip included in the device side of Xiangshuo’s USB4 products has passed the full test by a professional third-party testing organization and has been certified dell’USB-IF Association. This chip is also the first PD launched by Xiangshuo. Control chip, plans to launch more PD control chip series products in the future.

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