The ProGaming Itali Virtual Arena is underway

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For all gaming enthusiasts and not only there is a new important event to mark on the calendar. The appointment is from 27 to 29 May 2022 with the Virtual Arenail talk-in-action su Twitch organized and promoted by Italian ProGaming! Let’s find out all the details about it together.

The Virtual Arena

The Virtual Arena consisting of three days of gaming and entertainment has as its main topic the UN 2030 Agenda and in particular the themes of inclusiveness, new technologies e sustainability environmental. The goal is to bring GenZ and Next Generation closer to increasingly topical issues. More specifically, on this occasion the themes of the equality between men and womenthrough the metaphors of the male and female hero, of hypersexualization, of the relationship between East and West in visual-narrative art and of the new form of eco-green cinema.

The program

During the three days, numerous contributions from various artists and content creators will alternate in the studios in Bolzano and remotely on Twitch. Among these we find Ava Hangar, Gianandrea Muià, Giorgio Vanni, Iacono, Serino, Nello Nigro aka Hollywood285, Greta Galli, VisktorLaszlo88, Just Ryuk and many others.

The co-hosts of the event will be Emanuele Gregori of Multiplayer, Luigi Ragoni of ProGaming Italia, Ckibe, cartoonist, illustrator and twitch partner of the event, and Nennella, drag queen and icon in the gaming world.

Friday 27 May 2022 will be the day dedicated to Rocket League, the video game that combines arcade sports and cars. Instead, all Pokémon fans will be able to meet up for Saturday 28 maggio 2022.

Finally, during the final day, Sunday 29 May 2022, the challenges of Valorant will take place. Unlike the first two days, they will not be “match for fun” but competitions valid for the AgentsSeries championship that will define the semifinals and finals of the entire tournament.

For more information, please refer to the official page.

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