Aspec Home: the intelligent solution for photovoltaic energy management

Aspechome: la soluzione intelligente per la gestione dell'energia fotovoltaica thumbnail

With expensive energy increasingly devastating for the budgets of companies and private citizens, smart and effective solutions for consumption are urgently needed, which possibly go in the direction of greater eco-sustainability. Photovoltaic systems are undoubtedly a valid option in this sense, made even more accessible by the numerous government incentives made available in recent years. Unfortunately, however, these systems are not always exploited properly: at the time of writing, the owners of residential photovoltaic systems use on average only 30% of the energy they produce. A valid support in this sense, however, comes from Aspechomean innovative all-in-one system for the intelligent management of the photovoltaic system, which allows the owners of these precious energy sources to exploit 100% of their potential.

Aspechome Srl is the start-up of the Marengo Group, an all-Italian company that provides homes and small businesses with a photovoltaic home automation solution that helps customers manage the accumulated energy and minimize waste, optimizing the consumption of household appliances, lights, air conditioners and heating systems. Aspechome is backed by a double patent for the EU and the US, and is configured at the same time as a load management system equipped with refined artificial intelligence, a platform to monitor consumption and their economic impact, a solution for WiFi home automation and building automation and finally also an online remote assistant, perfect for interacting with all the electronic devices in the building.

The core of Aspechome is a simple and functional web app (accessible from smartphones, tablets and desktops) that allows users to constantly remotely monitor the various devices, checking consumption and, if necessary, intervening to change the energy supply settings. .

Aspechome: a virtual butler for energy optimization

The first step to approach Aspechome’s services is to get in touch with Aspechome srl, who will advise potential customers on the closest installer partner. Alternatively, the user’s trusted installer can contact the company, possibly exploiting his own direct knowledge of the photovoltaic system installed in the home. An on-site inspection will then be scheduled, in order to verify the potential of this technology for the specific needs of the customer. At this point, the installer will receive all the necessary hardware, which includes control unit, meters, the router to be connected to the home modem, self-recognition plugins and possibly smart sockets capable of allowing all devices to interface with the system. . The installation of the hardware and the configuration of Aspechome take about half a day and are entirely entrusted to the installer, who at the end of the work also issues a declaration of conformity.

At this point, the system is set up and ready to assist the customer. Aspechome uses a dynamic priority system, designed to exploit the potential of photovoltaics to the maximum. Through the web app, however, the user has the possibility to change the system settings at any time. For example, it is possible to remotely activate the air conditioning system before our return home, in order to find the ideal temperature at the time of our arrival. We can also choose how to use energy during the day, when the sun is high and the photovoltaic system works at full capacity, opting instead for lower consumption for the evening hours. The Aspechome app provides us with real-time statistics of use, production and savings, providing us with a faithful picture of the economic scope of the system and of our choices, actually encouraging more virtuous and eco-sustainable behaviors.


Aspec Home

Remaining on the subject of costs, it is advisable to provide potential Aspechome customers with an overview of the activation costs to be incurred. Depending on the specific needs, which will be evaluated by the installer and presented with a specific cost estimate, using this innovative technology can cost between 1000 and 2000 euros. A considerable but affordable figure, which can in any case be amortized in a short time thanks to the savings guaranteed by the system and the greater transfer of energy to the public network, with consequent economic returns. A fundamental aspect should not be underestimated: Aspechome possesses all the necessary requisites to be able to access the 110% Superbonus and the 50% House Bonus, the main incentives implemented by the Italian government to stimulate the energy efficiency of homes. It is therefore possible to include this system within energy restructuring operations. For any eventuality, a remote online assistance service is guaranteed.

Being based mainly on cloud technology, Aspechome constantly receives updates in a completely transparent way for the customer. Already today, the system allows you to receive a report on Telegram every day containing watts consumed, costs, actual savings and percentage of energy donated to the public network. Compatibility with air conditioning devices and household appliances will also be increased by integrating products from Hitachi, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, Siemens, Bosch, Whirlpool and LG. In the near future, it will also be possible to interact with the system via voice assistants, directly control smart appliances and manage energy communities.

Aspechome: a step towards the future

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Clean and renewable energy is undoubtedly one of the most urgent and important issues for today’s society. Those who choose a photovoltaic system take a decisive step in this direction, investing time and resources in the direction of a more conscious and sustainable use of energy. Aspechome is the ideal virtual assistant for this approach: a single and integrated system for energy control throughout the home, totally independent from the brands of inverters and Wi-Fi networks already present in the home. A perfect support to start taking full advantage of your investment in a photovoltaic system, bringing self-consumption to the highest levels and becoming truly independent from an energy point of view, with an eye to comfort and the possibilities offered by home automation.

For more information, we invite you to consult the website dedicated to Aspechome, which also contains all the contacts. The company will also be present at the upcoming event Key Energy – The Renewable Energy Expowhich will be held from 8 to 11 November 2022 at the Rimini Expo Center.