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ASRock RDNA3: unveiled the company’s new custom GPUs

ASRock is ready to introduce the brand new RDNA3 cards, at least four of them will be presented on December 13th

The imminent release of the new custom video cards by is now official ASRock home. The two cornerstone models of the series will be dubbed Phantom Gaming e Taichi. In fact, they will be based on Radeon RX 7900 XTX and on XT SKU. Among other things, important confirmations arrive which reveal the fact that at least four of these will be presented at the launch of the next week. More specifically the December 13th.

ASRock RDNA3: What will they be like?

Both the Phantom Gaming model and the Taichi will be equipped with three fans and will occupy three slots. The differences from a physical point of view will be very minimal, in fact between the Phantom Gaming XTX and XT GPUs they are reduced to minimal differences of magnitude of PCB hardly visible to the naked eye.

ASRock RDNA3: unveiled the company's new custom GPUs

The most important aspect, perhaps, concerns the Phantom Gaming. In fact these will have a design completely new. In fact, the well-known company is abandoning the classic black and silver colors to turn to a design full-black. A design that, after all, is very reminiscent of the RX 6x50XT PG from a few months ago.

For the first time ASRock will also present the model Taichi for the series RX X900. This is definitely an upgrade over the PG series, which is evidenced by the triple slot I/O definitely higher. Also this model will boast a power supply a three connectors from eight pins. Finally, none of these cards will have an entrance USB-C which will instead come with templates reference.

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