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ASSA ABLOY: here are the door closers with Close-Motion technology

ASSA ABLOY presents door closers with Close-Motion® technology, a unique solution on the market that ensures maximum safety and silent closing of doors

Con Close-Motion® ASSA ABLOY has developed a technology of unique door lock on the market which almost works silent. The settings automated doors or fire doors, in fact, often cause annoying noises which negatively affect the Welfareon the concentration It is on rest of people.

An ASSA ABLOY Close-Motion® door closer, on the other hand, closes quickly the door to one or two doors until leaving a minimum crack which is delicately lubricated, the door approaches silently until it closes in a way hermeticleaving behind you only one imperceptible click.

ASSA ABLOY: here are the door closers with Close-Motion technology

Noise is an often underestimated stressor

Noise protection solutions can improve the quality of life in both the short and long term. Andreas Gmelin, Product Management and Business Development Director, EMEIA Door Closer Product Unit di ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions afferma:

Ambient noise is not a trivial problem, it is important to avoid unnecessary noise pollution in workplaces, educational and cultural facilities, homes, hotels and even hospitals, to facilitate both tranquility and productivity.

A study by a sleep expert from the Harvard Medical School he highlighted:

The disruptive ability of a range of hospital sounds on sleep, door closing noise was one of fourteen specific background sounds under study.

In this regard, an interesting project is the one carried out by ASSA ABLOY for the Ulm Day Clinic in Germany who chose to install the Close-Motion® door closer for the door adjacent to the operating room. The door was very loud closing, slamming with each passage, a considerable annoyance which was notified both at reception and during surgical operations.

L’medical team felt the vibrations even in the operating room, a not indifferent problem especially during the most delicate interventions. Thanks to Close-Motion®, doctors can operate in all tranquility and the receptionists speak smoothly with patients while handling phone calls without the harassing noise of the door slamming.

ASSA ABLOY: here are the door closers with Close-Motion technology

ASSA ABLOY: door closers with Close-Motion®

It works in reliable way even in the most conditions difficultmanaging with ease the wind pressurele air currents or the effects of suction systems. The result is a reduction of ambient noisea increased building security is one reduced energy waste to a minimum. Close-Motion® technology combines several advantages in terms of safety, barrier-free accessibility and convenience in a single component fully integrated into the door closer housing, eliminating the need for an additional component and preserving the aesthetics of the doors.

L’installation is very simple and no subsequent interventions on the adjustment options are necessary. One universal mounting plate, standardized mounting positions e dime drilling speeds up installation. The adjustable spindle in height it avoids installation errors and allows a subsequent maintenance without costs or delays. In just a few steps, you can adjust the opening damping and closing speed, as well as the closing force.

Once done, the settings are durablethe jump in temperaturefor example, they do not make it necessary further maintenance. ASSA ABLOY door closers are tested according to standards EN 1154 / EN 1158 for doors fire and smoke protection.

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