Assassination Classroom Review – Koro Sensei Figure

Braun e Bella Dentro: propongono una campagna contro gli sprechi

In this review we will analyze the brand new Figure of the insane Koro Sensei, directly from Assassination Classroom and made by ABYstyle Studio

The hour of the assassination has come. ABYstyle Studio has recently presented its new product made under official license from Assassination Classroom: the Koro Sensei Figure. This represents the only economic statuette of the yellow teacher currently available. For this reason, Assassination Classroom fans will surely be raising their antennas waiting to understand if this ABYstyle Studio is (or not) a noteworthy collector’s item. Well, prepare the cavalry and let’s start with the review of the Koro Sensei Figure!

The Packaging – Assassination Classroom Review, Koro Sensei Figure

ABYstyle Studio never contradicts itself. The box is really interesting. What you notice immediately is the showcase with the decals depicting the numerous weapons used by the pupils of the “3rd End” to try to assassinate him. As you can see, in addition to the coloring and the various logos that grab the box, the background is also taken care of, with all the students who threaten the safety of poor Koro Sensei.

Let’s break down the figure – Assassination Classroom Review, Koro Sensei Figure

Despite being baseless, this is one of the higher SFCs. In fact, this PVC figurine reaches a peak of 20cm! In addition to being one of the largest, it is also one of the heaviest. Due to its massive structure, Koro Sensei weighs as a statuette 368 grams.

To ensure a high weight is the solid PVC that characterizes most of the figures. The softest parts are the final sections of his limbs, the lower part of the robe and the iconic bow tie. As we have stated, reproduction does not need a foundation. This is because, given the sadistic teacher’s pose, his tentacles are a perfect foundation. There are in fact no oscillations whatsoever. The figure appears stable from all points of view.

Under the Magnifying Glass – Assassination Classroom Review, Koro Sensei Figure

Let’s start by saying that we really liked the pose. With one arm raised he is certainly busy explaining yet another lesson, while the static but waiting look of him is omniscient. He is not a character who can be enriched by so many details but everything that counts is present like the inevitable headdress, his robe and the 36-tooth smile printed on his face.

Although in the anime / manga there is no nuance in her clothing, here we notice darker details in the scarlet petticoat and which can only make us happy. Koro’s coloring is very faithful to what is seen in the work of Yūsei Matsui. Both the yellow-fluo of the body and his robe are flawless. The only caveat is that the details on the sleeves of the jacket are blue instead of purple. We do not understand why and it is really a shame, as it is the only noticeable difference.

Regarding the print on the face and on the tie, everything is very precise. The finish used for the statue is opaque and, although for the clothing it is just fine, we would have preferred it to have been more reflective on the body and head just as evidenced by the anime.

Let’s sum it up

The Koro Sensei Figure by ABYStyle Studio is definitely a collectible product of excellent workmanship that manages to perfectly encapsulate the iconicity of the odd character. Net of some inaccuracies, we would like to recommend it without doubts. This is also motivated by the price: € 29.99 for a 20cm statuette.

We thank ABYStyle Studio for their collaboration and invite you to follow our pages for other reviews and articles from the world of collecting!

Points in favor

  • Generous dimensions
  • Really solid
  • Iconic pose
  • There are shades of color

Points against

  • Details on the sleeves of an incorrect color
  • Body finish matte instead of glossy