Asterigos: ecco il nuovo action GDR in arrivo su PlayStation 5 thumbnail

Asterigos: here is the new action RPG coming to PlayStation 5

Asterigos: here is the new action RPG coming to PlayStation 5 thumbnail

Presented a few hours ago via a teaser trailer, Asterigos it’s a new one Action GDR developed by the independent studio Acme Game Studio. The production will arrive on PlayStation 5 and PC this fall and features a rather particular graphic style that winks at lovers of fantasy and comics. In the game we will travel through a fallen world, in which we will have to fight our way one fight at a time.

Asterigos announced, a new action RPG for PS5 and PC

Asterigos is expected to arrive this fall, but the development team that is working on this interesting new RPG has put together a very detailed trailer. In the game we will take on the role of Hilda, a heroine traveling through a ruined kingdom, fallen due to the arrogance of its inhabitants who dared to unleash the wrath of the divinity.

Led solely by their greed, the ancient rulers allowed the gods to raze the City of Stars, throwing the entire realm into chaos. Hilda’s mission will therefore be to find her lost father, and on his side it looks like we will have a vast arsenal of weapons and magical powers.

In fact, during the movie that you can see above, a set of sword and shield, a spear and a hammer, with which Hilda can make her way through the enemy ranks. But not only. The girl also seems accustomed to plus arcane and we can see her using fire and ice magic and a strange energy whip that vaguely resembles the Blades of Chaos from God of War.

The lucky owners of PS5 they will only have to wait this fall to get their hands on Asterigos, but the game is also expected to arrive on PC e PS4 by spring 2022. This is undoubtedly an interesting title and we can’t wait to hear more.

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