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ASTRO A30 Wireless review: a more than complete headset

In this review we will discover the Astro A30 Wireless gaming headphones, a headset that gives its best in gaming but which stands out for a clean audio capable of satisfying almost every ear

Attention to design, top materials and an immersive audio system to say the least. This is the blend that makes up this truly amazing system. Available in Xbox and PC versions or for PlayStation 5, they make comfort their workhorse and design their shield. Obviously the mix of sounds is also fundamental and in this field too they stand out in an excellent way! Do they also have some flaws? Let’s find out in this review!

Top design and materials | ASTRO A30 Wireless review

Although they are headphones obviously devoted to gaming we will not find RGB LEDs or futuristic shapes but this does not mean that there is no lack of customization. As we all know, the Astro series boasts a peculiarity that we find in this model. The outermost part of the pavilions is removable and can be replaced. The covers can be purchased on the Logitech website and allow us to give that personal touch to our headphones.

Available in two color variants: White or Navy (a petroleum blue) always remain elegant and suitable for any gaming position. Logitech provided us with the white variant and we were honestly impressed by how a neutral color can equally enhance this headset.

Aesthetic and practical choice also to provide a removable microphone built in rubber and consequently foldable without fear of damaging it. Furthermore, an internal microphone has also been inserted inside the headphones which allows us to communicate even without connecting the main chat system.

ASTRO A30 Wireless review: a more than complete headset

Let’s see the materials

The materials chosen are really cool. The pavilions like the headband are comfortable and enveloping. For the former we find a memory foam interior covered in leatherette. Despite the material, the ears will not suffer too much heat even after many hours of continuous use.

The headband also covered with the same material is comfortable and does not weigh down the head too much. The adjustment system is not provided with “cleats” or block clicks but once worn and adjusted, the chosen size will no longer be lost very easily.

On the headphones we find a series of keys that are useful for turning the audio system on or off, switching to Bluetooth mode and activating or deactivating the microphone. For volume adjustment, the choice was made to insert a small joystick lever, a choice that we do not fully agree with.

The classic wheel would have been more congenial to us. Choice imposed by the fact that the same lever also allows us to increase or decrease the volume of the chat asynchronously from that of the game. You can also use it to change tracks and use your voice assistant.

The headphones come with a beautiful travel pouch which will allow us to store the headphones by folding the pavilions that rotate 180 degrees. Inside the case there is also space to store the microphone and the key that acts as a dock for the wireless connection. Obviously inside the package there is also a cable with 3.5mm jack for the analog connection which will allow you to save battery. although the duration of around 27 hours is very impressive!

How do these headphones sound? | ASTRO A30 Wireless review

Obviously the most interesting part of this review of the Astro A30 Wireless lies in knowing how their audio sector behaves, here are all the answers.

Thanks to the multiple connection system it will be possible to connect up to three devices at the same time. In a nutshell, you can play and in the meantime listen to a voice message or answer a call. With headphones of this size, one would have expected a noise canceling system that was actually absent if not for the microphone.

Sound mixing between chat and game sounds works great! Also thanks to the excellent equalization system that can be managed via the app. Headphone management is in fact managed completely by smartphone, it is not possible to download software to use on a PC.

The sounds are crystal clear and the headphones are not only suitable for raw gaming, thanks to the audio mix you can enjoy a good sound system even while watching a movie or a TV series.

The basses are not predominant and in some game situations they seemed a bit tarnished. All this does not affect the good general audio which, as mentioned, manages to cover many more frequencies and adapts to all experiences. StIf you are a lover of powerful bass and powerful explosions, unfortunately you will not be able to feel fully satisfied. For our part, we prefer to give up some bass tones to be able to enjoy a soundtrack in all its facets but tastes are tastes.

Let’s find out the technical sheet

  • Typology: cuffie over-ear
  • Driver: 40mm
  • Frequency: 20 – 20.000 Hz
  • Microphone: both internal and removable
  • Connection: USB-C, jack 3,5 millimetri e Bluetooth 5.2, Lightspeed wireless 2.4 Ghz
  • Simultaneous audio sources: Yes
  • Weight: 329 grams
  • Active noise cancellation: no
  • Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows, Mobile, PC, Mac, PS5, smartphone, tablet
  • Colourings: Bianco, Navy
  • Autonomy: 27 ore

Who should buy ASTRO A30 Wireless?

In conclusion, we are faced with a truly valuable headset that manages to make a range of users happy. Immersive audio and a unique design make these headphones truly captivating. Their autonomy is almost unattainable and the vast frequency means that they are suitable for many occasions. The microphone is in line with the audio sector and the equalization system is equally excellent.

We weren’t crazy about the volume management system which although it can be convenient for managing multiple actionshow to change tracks or manage chat volume is difficult to assimilate. Furthermore, the lack of an active noise cancellation system on a pair of headphones that cost 269 euros seemed to us an important lack.

Obviously the price is justified by the multi connection, Lightspeed wireless system, materials and packaging but a lack is still a lack.

Plus points

  • Excellent materials
  • Crystal clear audio compartment
  • Top connections

Points against

  • It lacks an active noise cancellation system
  • The volume management lever is not very comfortable
  • high price
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