Myth to Metaverse è un gioco nel metaverso per abbattere gli stereotipi sulle donne thumbnail

Myth to Metaverse is a metaverse game about breaking down stereotypes about women

It will be the avatar of Valentina Pitzaliswhich survived a femicide in 2017 and has since become a symbol of the fight against violence against women, to guide the user in Myth to Metaverse. It is a virtual reality game, in the metaverse, which aims to break down stereotypes and prejudices about women.

The project originates from the Fare x Bene association, a non-profit organization which has been committed to promoting the culture of tolerance and well-being in Italian schools since 2010.

On the metaverse The Sandbox the game against violence against women

The experience will be hosted on the metaverse The Sandbox, whose developers have actively contributed to the project. Myth to Metaverse will arrive in Italian schools, but users will be able to try it already this weekend, on the occasion of Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022from 25 to 27 November, at the Lenovo Space inside the gaming salon.

The VR game is set in a sort of virtual museum which houses voxel reproductions of works such as The Abduction of Persephone, Apollo, Daphne, Perseus and Medusa. Here users will be able to learn the stories, recognize stereotypes and understand the archetypes of the role of women in Greek myth. A way to become aware of those preconceptions that still often populate society today.

“We intend to make public opinion and companies aware of the importance of approaching new virtual worlds – he declared Giusy Laganadirector of ‘Fare x Bene – to involve the new generations on all issues that have to do with prejudices, stereotypes and, more generally, with a more conscious and socially correct use of new technologies and digital channels”.

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