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ASUS is pleased to announce the launch of AskASUS, a series of educational video pills aimed at supporting users looking for a notebook. Let’s find out more details about it together.


AskASUS is the new format that sees ASUS employees as protagonists. The latter are ready to help users choose their next laptop and answer their questions with a tone-of-voice prepared but understandable to all, through videos lasting about 1 minute.

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A proposal that answers the question

For many people, buying a notebook is certainly not the most immediate. In fact, the questions that users ask the Taiwanese company every day are many. Consumer needs are different, so the necessary hardware features also need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Although laptops are now part of everyone’s daily life, many crucial characteristics may be too complex to analyze.

Thanks to these videos lasting about one minute each, the company’s employees answer questions such as “how do I choose the right notebook for me?”, “What are the characteristics that a notebook should have for primary schools?” “What features should a notebook have for smart working?”.


The statements

Lavinia Fogolari, Marketing Manager of ASUS, says that “recording these video pills for us had a double value. On the one hand, putting ourselves at the direct disposal of people to provide more technical knowledge, but placed in a simple and usable way. On the other hand, the strengthening of the sense of belonging to the company was also a pleasant moment of discussion between colleagues “.

“To answer the questions of our community we wanted to refer not only to the working role we cover at ASUS, but also to our passions. We believe it is essential to speak to end users in the simplest and most spontaneous way possible. At the same time, with this important initiative, we want to show our users that we are like them, close to them. We believe in what we call the pursuit of the incredible. A research that we want to make accessible to all, providing our users with tools and many other smart solutions that help ensure technology within everyone’s reach, also and above all from the point of view of skills. With AskASUS, we take our purpose to an even more personal level, which is aimed directly at the user. “

Gianluca Belmonte, Executive Creative Director of FCB Partners adds: “It’s nice to give voice to a hi-tech brand like ASUS in a humane and simple way. By talking to consumers about things that interest them. These are the cases in which advertising becomes communication and one of those projects in which we can make the most of the skills of MILE52, the social unit of the agency led by the Head of Digital and Social Riccardo Setti “.

Where to see the videos

The AskASUS video pills are available on the project landing page and will also be published starting today on the company’s YouTube channel and Instagram profile.

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