Google TV: profiles arrive with a new update

Google TV: un nuovo aggiornamento introduce i profili thumbnail

Great news for device users Google TV. The American house, in fact, has released an update, currently being rolled out, which introduces the profiles for Google TV devices. This is an important novelty that goes to fill one of the main shortcomings of the software created by Google. Here are all the details:

Google TV devices can rely on profiles for users

The arrival of profiles for Google TV devices was announced last year. After the announcement, however, Google had confirmed an indefinite postponement of this new and awaited feature, essential for renewing the software sector of its devices, reducing the gap with the competition. Now, however, the update is ready and being released. It may take a few days to complete the global update release.

A half novelty

At the moment, information on new Google TV profiles is limited as the update has only just begun. According to what the first testimonieshowever, with Most apps will not register an account change following the profile change. For now, only Google apps and a few others will be able to adapt to the profile change. Consequently, the YouTube app, for example, will adapt to the profile chosen when accessing the device, allowing the user to use his Google account.

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