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ASUS motherboards: Finally support for 48GB DDR5-7000 memory modules

Asus Intel 700 and 600 series motherboards have been tested to support Corsair Vengeance DDR5 DDR5-7000 48GB modules

ASUS, a Taipei multinational company, in partnership with Corsair, today announces the updates of the BIOS for intel motherboards of the series 700 e 600 thus offering the possibility to install up to a maximum of 192 GB of DDR5 memory and adding support for new memory modules Corsair Vengeance DDR5 7000 MT/s da 48 GB (2 x 24 GB).

Often users who purchase a intel motherboard of the 700 or 600 series are faced with a crossroads: prefer a card with support for the latest generation DDR4 memory at a lower cost or capitalize on their investment over time by purchasing a model immediately DDR5? Also, as the DDR5 memory market matures, it becomes increasingly difficult for PC enthusiasts to ignore the performance potential of DDR5 memory. memory Of new generation. Now, thanks to the latest BIOS update, ASUS motherboards with DDR5 support become an even more impressive option: the full range of motherboards ASUS of the series 700 e 600ROG Maximus ROG Strix, ProArt, TUF Gaming or Prime – supports the latest 24GB and 48GB DDR5 memory modules.

ASUS motherboards: Finally support for 48GB DDR5-7000 memory modules

ASUS has rigorously tested i 2 x 24GB memory kit products from Corsair to confirm that the full range of motherboards can support up to 48 GB of DDR5 RAM at 7000 MT/s. Whether users opt for a premium motherboard like the Z790, state-of-the-art and ready for even the most extreme overclocking, or they choose a B760, however feature-rich but also cheaper, in both cases they will be able to match it with kit Of memoria DDR5 offering an unbeatable mix of capacity and sheer speed.

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Many users initially believe that buying a new larger memory kit will allow them to open even more tabs on their browser. There is some truth to this statement, despite the fact that it takes a staggering number of browser tabs to saturate a modern computer-assisted PC. “soli” 16 GB in RAM. The truth is, many users can actually leverage and benefit from larger amounts of high-bandwidth RAM. Some games, for example, can take up more than 16GB of RAM on their own, not counting all the applications that many users prefer to leave running in the background.

ASUS motherboards: Finally support for 48GB DDR5-7000 memory modules

Content creators, video editors, architects, engineers, product designers, 3D modelers, streamer Of Twitch, data scientists and many other categories of users usually employloads Of Work memory intensive. All these professionals and creators, not to mention all those who multitask intensely on a daily basis, are watching the development of the DDR5 memory market with interest. The new generation of kit Of memory offers one today better scalability for today’s high core count CPUs, a massive boost in bandwidth and appreciable improvements in overall efficiency, all without significantly impacting overall system latency.

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Upcoming DDR5 memory modules like those from Corsair differ in how much memory capacity they offer a speed Of astounding data transfer. DDR5-7000 kits are currently available, but capped at 16GB per module. Corsair’s new Vengeance 48GB (2 x 24GB) DDR5-7000 memory modules allow users to get up to 48GB of DDR5 RAM with speeds of 7000 MT/s. This is an attractive proposition for those who need a lot of memory at high speeds. However, for those who prefer even more RAM, upcoming kits like Corsair Vengeance 192GB (4 x 48GB) DDR5 @ 5600MT/s will offer that much memory at still high speeds.

ASUS motherboards: Finally support for 48GB DDR5-7000 memory modules

For more information about the update of the BIOS you can consult the ASUS support site. What do you think of these news on motherboards Asus? Let us know with a comment below and continue reading to stay up to date on the latest news and more.

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