ASUS Republic of Gamers announces the new ROG Hyperion GR701 full tower gaming case

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The bold, feature-rich centerpiece of a true monster build

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) announces ROG Hyperion GR701a majestic full-tower gaming case that redefines PC chassis style and performance, designed to take DIY builds to new heights and offering a truly uncompromising combination of elegance and performance.

ASUS Republic of Gamers announces the new ROG Hyperion GR701 full tower gaming case

A new standard in airflow | New ROG Hyperion GR701 gaming case

The world of PC builds has changed. Since the introduction of next generation graphics cards, like the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 4090, at the data transfer and charging speeds of the USB ports, which have never been so high, a PC case today must be able to accommodate and integrate the best latest and most advanced technologies.

ASUS has thus designed ROG Hyperion, to offer a resistant and elegant chassis, ready for the future evolution of DIY gaming platforms, with a design focused on more effective management of the air flow in order to keep each component in ideal operating conditions.

ROG Hyperion thus redefines the next gen of PC chassis. Hyperion’s priority is to guarantee optimal airflow thanks also to wide channels for the passage of air placed in the front, together with a grille that runs along the entire upper part.

Thanks to these channels and support up to two 420 mm radiatorsusers can be confident that their components will always be effectively cooled and perform at their best, whether using air-cooled heat sinks, all-in-one liquid cooling solutions or a completely customized custom loop.

ASUS Republic of Gamers announces the new ROG Hyperion GR701 full tower gaming case

A large and versatile interior space | New ROG Hyperion GR701 gaming case

ROG Hyperion, the new ROG case, was designed with next-generation components in mind. Support motherboards E-ATX up to 12 inchoffer doppie porte USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C on the front and plenty of expansion slots for future-proof upgrades.

The latest graphics cards, in particular, reach new levels of performance, however, to keep them cool and quiet, integrate large heat sinks that significantly increase the footprint.

ROG Hyperion is spacious enough to accommodate even the most generously sized graphics cards, such as the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090. You can choose between a traditional horizontal type assemblyand, for a width of up to 460 mm, or to mount the video card vertically, exploiting a useful space of up to 130 mm to be able to accommodate current and future models without problems.

The integrated two-way aluminum support for the graphics cards prevents the card from bending in either orientation, regardless of its size, and also aids in cable management throughout the build.

Users won’t even have to fuss with squeezing cables behind the side panel, hoping the panel closes properly.

In fact, ROG engineers have provided a good 34 mm of space behind the motherboard to house all the wiring, with multiple cable glands and a large panel along the back, already equipped with integrated hook and loop strips to keep the inside neat and tidy.

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of a translucent acrylic door, users can group all the necessary cables before inserting the rear side panel, thus preserving its overall aesthetics. All this ensures more free space and also helps heat dissipation.

The integrated ARGB controller it also provides a handy hub for connecting all your Aura Sync devices, with support for up to eight ARGB drives and six PWM fans.

ROG Hyperion also integrates a small drawer on the bottom which offers a dedicated space for screws, accessories or even a small screwdriver.

In addition, the side panels are removable and can be installed easily and in total absence of tools while the power supply cover has also been designed to allow for adequate airflow, while still keeping the vent holes small enough to prevent the screws from falling out.

In the cover there is also a small slit intended to highlight the OLED panel of the ROG Thorso that users can also monitor energy consumption in real time.

ASUS Republic of Gamers announces the new ROG Hyperion GR701 full tower gaming case

The unique signature of the ROG experience

No case is truly complete without those distinctive aesthetic elements which help him stand out from the crowd.

The internal panel next to the motherboard offers space for a cooler, ARGB fans, various 2.5in SSDsi or, if you don’t need that extra space, you can choose to install the board with RGB lighting already included, which adds a true ROG-style visual effect and brightens an otherwise dark or empty space.

The aluminum chassis also integrates sturdy handles, practical for any handling of the build, which slide along the front panel and cross under the ROG ARGB logo.

When building a new PC, the internal space changes over time and often runs out quickly, however ROG Hyperion doesn’t get caught unprepared: it is designed not only to house all the latest components with the guarantee of always exceptional cooling, but it is also ready to better support the evolution of user needs in time.

And you? What do you think of this case gaming full tower ROG Hyperion GR701 ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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