Asus ROG Ally non era un pesce d’aprile: la nuova console portatile è reale thumbnail

Asus ROG Ally wasn’t an April Fool’s joke: the new portable console is real

Asus ROG Ally wasn't an April Fool's joke: the new portable console is real thumbnail

Credit: Asus ROG

The entire gaming community had immediately branded the news as April Fool’s when a few days ago, precisely on April 1, 2023, Asus ROG (Republic Of Gamers) had announced a new portable console called Ally. Even the name had made some suspicious, given its phonetic assonance with All lie, that is: all lies. Today comes the denial: no joke, ROG Ally really exists and is about to go on sale.

At the moment Asus has not announced an official release date and even the price remains shrouded in mystery. However, the company has suggested users sign up with Best Buy to stay up to date on the project and pre-order.

What we know about Asus ROG Ally

Despite the few details available to us, we got a first impression of the new console. Asus has indeed confirmed that the device it will be based on windows system and will allow users to access the Steam and Xbox catalogs (we can therefore expect integration with Game Pass).

In the video that you find below it is possible to glimpse a games catalog that includes Dying Light 2, Resident Evil Village and High On Life.

However, the technical specifications remain unknown, even if Asus has confirmed that Ally will have a dual fan design and will integrate “the fastest AMD APU ever”. We can also expect the possibility of connecting the console to fixed displays, so as to expand the field of vision if we play at home.

The idea of ​​making the announcement on April 1st was certainly as bizarre as it was brilliant. We just have to wait to see if ROG Ally will be able to compete with Valve’s Steamdeck.

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