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Asus ROG Swift 360Hz: The fastest 1440p monitor in the world

Here comes the new Asus ROG Swift 360Hz, it’s the PG27AQN model, and it comes on the market with really attractive technical specifications!

Asus announces the availability in Italy of the monitor gaming eSport ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN. The new monitor that will allow pros and all competitive gamers to make the most of the most recent and powerful
graphics cards Nvidia GeForce RTX serie 40 to play even the most recent and demanding titles at a resolution of 2.560×1.440 pixel (1440p) with an incredible 360Hz refresh rate.

Yes, because the new ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN is equipped with the technology ASUS UltraFast IPS to deliver the fastest response time of any LCD display currently available. It also boasts native support NVIDIA G-SYNC and the integration of NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer to ensure tear-free images and system latency of just 10 milliseconds in the best eSports titles when used in combination with a PC with GeForce RTX 40 series video cards.

Asus ROG Swift 360Hz: The fastest 1440p monitor in the world

Asus ROG Swift 360Hz: The fastest 1440p monitor in the world

ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN features a 27-inch 1440p ASUS UltraFast IPS panel that can support refresh rates up to 360Hz. The new proposal offers undoubted advantages for competitive gaming: NVIDIA researchers have discovered that the use of a 27-inch 1440p display can improve aiming accuracy by up to 3%, compared to what is achievable on a traditional 24-inch 1080p display.

UltraFast IPS technology includes three key features that enable it to deliver the lowest response time of any LCD monitor currently available. To do this, it uses a new type of liquid crystal that offers higher birefringence and lower viscosity, allowing the liquid crystals to rotate faster and create space for light to pass through. Secondly, the pattern of the new liquid crystals has been optimized to maximize their efficiency. Previously, in fact, the crystals were aligned parallel to the surface of the polarizer. The new arrangement instead allows the liquid crystals to rotate faster, allowing for a lower response time. Conventional displays also use a single-layer voltage driver to move the liquid crystal from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. The PG27AQN features an innovative dual layer voltage driver design; thus, the liquid crystals rotate simultaneously from the upper left and lower right corners for a smoother and more consistent image.

Asus ROG Swift 360Hz: The fastest 1440p monitor in the world Asus ROG Swift 360Hz: The fastest 1440p monitor in the world

The NVIDIA G-SYNC support built into ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN allows gamers to experience incredibly smooth and tear-free gameplay at refresh rates that go up to 360 Hz and with exceptionally low motion trails. Additionally, NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer analyzes system latency end-to-end for an accurate measurement of PC performance. Gamers will also appreciate the Esports Dual Mode feature that allows you to play with a smaller image sizeselecting a more familiar 25-inch diagonal screen size and 1080p resolution, or upping image quality to a super-sharp 2,368×1,332 pixel resolution.

HDR technology allows ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN to achieve a wider color gamut and higher contrast than conventional monitors, allowing the monitor to display brighter whites and deeper blacks to bring out details like never before. A peak brightness of 600 nits enables the PG27AQN to meet DisplayHDR 600 certification requirements. The images will therefore always flow quickly, while the color rendering will also be superlative, and the colors exceptionally faithful and realistic.

ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN is available now onASUS eShop and ASUS Gold Storesparticipating Powered by ASUS resellers and key ASUS Business Partners at a suggested retail price of €1,899.00 including VAT. If you want to keep learning about the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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