ChatGPT al centro di una campagna phishing: una truffa finanziaria che usa una versione fake del bot thumbnail

ChatGPT at the center of a phishing campaign: a financial scam that uses a fake version of the bot

Bitdefender has published new research on one growing financial scam which it uses a fake version of ChatGPT. This means that OpenAI’s AI has been involved in a phishing campaign. The success of this artificial intelligence tool has also attracted the attention of cybercriminals who use the technology to devise highly sophisticated scams against unwary Internet users.

The phishing campaign involving ChatGPT: this is what it is about

The campaign starts with un’email the phishing which directs victims to one fake version of ChatGPT. The site offers attractive financial opportunities by using artificial intelligence to analyze the markets and recommend stocks against a minimum investment of 250 euros.

The email subject includes phrases such as:

– ChatGPT: The new AI bot drives everyone crazy

– The new ChatGPTchatbot is driving everyone crazy – but very soon it will be a common tool like Google

– Why is everyone panicking about the ChatGPT bot?

The fake platform “chatbot” begins with a brief introduction to its role of analyzing financial markets which can enable anyone to become a successful investor. Bitdefender researchers agreed to play along and allowed the chatobot to help them get rich.

ChatGPT Premium

They thus chatted with the artificial intelligence (which could only select predefined responses) and discovered that the campaign is combined with a call center where real operators convince victims to create an account (to start investing) by providing personal and financial information such as the Credit Card Number.

The campaign is currently most active in Denmark, Germany, Australia, Ireland and the Netherlands, but Bitdefender advises users worldwide to stay alert as the campaign appears to be growing globally.

Cybercriminals often try to take advantage of new opportunities and trending topics. Bitdefender recommends using the tools and services only from the official website, never through unsolicited correspondence or links.

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