ASUS TUF M4 Wireless review: precision and lightness

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In this review we will analyze the potential of the Mouse da gaming Wireless ASUS TUF M4, the new entry of the family ASUS TUF that combines the precision of a gamer mouse with the versatility of wireless. Some players, at this point, may have started to turn up their noses; gaming and wireless, in general, are not a good match and the performance of wired devices and accessories is considered unmatched.

But is it really so? let’s find out if this elegant mouse can overcome our doubts.

Our review of the new ASUS TUF M4 Wireless Gaming Mouse

The ASUS M4 Wireless Mouse is a wireless gaming mouse that delivers the performance gamers seek, stability, versatility.


We are facing Extremely light wireless mouse, weighing just 62 grams, perfect for anyone to use. It comes in a elegant all-black, with materials of excellent workmanship. We are talking about one copertura in plimero PBT Premium which gives a feeling of solidity and above all, of stability. In addition to the classic left and right buttons and the central wheel, we find two customizable side buttons and a button to select the dpi of the mouse. In the lower part we find, in addition to the sensor, the slot in which the AA batteryincluded in the package, is the connector to connect the mouse to the PC, which we will talk about later.

The PBT material allows the mouse to resist wear for an effective and lasting grip. The entire surface is also alcohol-proof for easy cleaning of the mouse. And it is precisely on cleaning one of the focus of this mouse. The device is indeed protected by ASUS Antibacterial Guard treatment with ionic silver. The positively charged ions AG + are able to attach themselves to the cell walls of negatively charged microbes and bacteria, preventing their spread by more than 99%. This is a pleasant novelty also in view of a period where hand hygiene has found itself in the spotlight.


Going into more detail, The ASUS M4 Wireless Mouse boasts a wireless connection with dual connectivity: 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth. This means that you can use the mouse both through the USB connector includedor connect it via bluetooth. Either way, the quality of the connection was noteworthy as well as too the 12,000 dpi sensor for excellent precision, which is so important in gaming. To give another boost to accuracy we also think about the mouse feet made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that allow it to glide smoothly on any surface.

The performance of speed and precision are also due to the weight of the mouse, which is really light and easy to handle, a feature enhanced by the power system. To work, the Mouse needs an AA battery but, thanks to an adapter included in the package, it is also possible to use an AAA battery to reduce the weight even more about 10 grams without sacrificing autonomy. A simple but brilliant and above all effective pretext!

Like most ASUS devices, this mouse also supports Armoury Crate, the ASUS software to better manage the company’s peripherals. From here we will in fact be able to enter the heart of the mouse and modify parameters such as the sensitivity or programming of the buttons to adapt them to our needs of the moment. As usual, using Armory Crate is as simple as it is useful; another ASUS device you can get the most out of.

Our test of the ASUS TUF M4


We tried the new ASUS TUF M4 Wireless Gaming Mouse for about 3 weeks and we made it our primary weapon for online and non-online battles.

Let’s start immediately by debunking a false myth: wireless mice are no less efficient than wired ones. This statement obviously refers to high-quality wireless gaming mice like the one in question. The technology inside the devices of this type in fact, it guarantees a very low input lag, practically on a par with wired mice. The ASUS TUF M4 is no exception. During our test we tested it with a huge variety of games, from FPS to MOBA, up to more peaceful Single Player. The dual wireless mode guaranteed excellent results both using the mouse via bluetooth and via the small connector. The difference is imperceptible. We always recommend, if USB ports are available, to use the connector, if only for a matter of autonomy.

Excellent feel and grip of the mouse stable under our hand and sliding on the mat. At this point, however, it is necessary to make a clarification on the weight. We are dealing with a really light mouse and this is one of its strengths, always obviously if a light mouse is what you are looking for. If you belong to this category, please stop reading this review and jump on the ASUS TUF M4 Wireless.

The ASUS TUF M4 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review at a glance

The ASUS TUF M4 Wireless Mouse proved to be an excellent ally and a very useful mouse to get the best out of every game. While we can’t assure you that you will become a pro-player, it will certainly give you the right push that any mouse cannot guarantee.

Having performance of this type and high-level design at an affordable price is not for everyone, but ASUS succeeds, once again.

The ASUS TUF M4 Wireless Mouse is now available for around € 50.