Fritz! Box 7590 AX review: top coverage and functions

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In this review we will talk extensively about the new Fritz! Box 7590 AX, a router that impressed us for the quality and quantity of functions

We know AVM well, German company which for many years has been offering iconic products in terms of performance and functionality. Today we talk about the Fritz!Box 7590 AX mid-range router ideal for both small offices o companies both for domestic realities particularly demanding. We are sure it will be a product you can do on total confidence and that will hardly leave you dissatisfied.

Packaging and unboxing | Fritz! Box 7590 AX review

The packaging is always the business card of the company and that of this modem / router is no exception. Colorful and full of all necessary information, in full AVM style. Inside we find the product, the power supply, a LAN cable of a meter and a half, a cable DSL from four meters, connectors TAE e RJ11 and the inevitable installation instructions.

Staying on the subject of external design, we quickly list the inputs on the product:

  • DECT port (for any cordless phones)
  • ADSL / VDSL port
  • 2 ports for analog phones
  • ISDN port (slightly dated port for transmitting voice services)
  • WAN port
  • 4 porte LAN Gigabit
  • Power supply input (12V, 3.5A)
  • 2 USB 3.0 port

In addition to these ports we also find a connector input TAE and another entrance USB 3 (for USB drives shared o printers of network).

Fritz! Box 7590 AX review: top coverage and functions

Technical features

Here is some information on the main technical specifications. Since there are so many, however, we refer you to the official website for a detailed overview. From the point of view of telephony, we report DECT Eco by which the radio waves are deactivated to obtain the maximum ergonomics. Moving on to the Wi-Fi part, this Fritz!Box is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 fine at 2,400 Mbit / s (lord) 5 GHz e 1.200 Mbit/s (lorda) a 2,4 GHz.

First installation and considerations | Fritz! Box 7590 AX review

The first installation of the router was really easy and intuitive. I start by saying that, having a duplex apartment, I used the Fritz!Box as a secondary router for the second floor. I then connected the ethernet cable coming from the main modem (modem to which the fiber can reach FTTH) at the door WAN and then I connected my PC to the router using another ethernet cable. After a few tens of seconds the device was ready and the PC automatically entered configuration mode. The possibility from customization they are really a lot. First I set up two different networks for the WiFi 2.4 e 5 GHzthen I started managing the data flows of the connected devices with different priorities.

I had a chance to test the Fritz!Box 7590 AX even with about twenty devices connected simultaneously in WiFi and in a wired way. Having the good fortune of being able to count on a lot of bandwidth, I can safely say that the Fritz has never broken down, it has always guaranteed the service to the maximum of the network’s possibilities. The thing that impressed me more than anything else was the signal strength. Before the Fritz! Box I used a fairly recent Netgear with a more or less similar price range. There difference from WiFi coverage of the two devices is incredible. Just to quantify the difference, I tell you that by connecting to the rete 5 GHz (which guarantees higher speeds but lower covers) I could easily maintain a good signal even on the floor below. This result would have been virtually impossible to achieve with the Netgear router I had previously.

The download and upload speeds are excellent but not too far from other routers. These data are however spoiled not only by the service offered to me by the provider but also by the quality of the ethernet cables that were used to wire the apartment. We are faced with a product infinitely solid, powerful and how much ever performing. If on the one hand we are confronted with noteworthy “in the field” results, on the other we can only appreciate the infinity of additional functions that this modem / router can offer to individuals and companies.

Main functions | Fritz! Box 7590 AX review

If we were to list them all, the review could end next week. Therefore, for timing issues, I will limit myself to listing those functions that, within an environment domestic e not onlyI think more interesting. First of all is certainly the choice of the provider, which is not present in all routers. The list of provider it’s really crazy and in a few steps you can configure the router exactly as we want without having to waste time to configure a thousand parameters complicated.

Also impressive is the telephone sector that allows you to record messages and block unwanted numbers. It also allows you to connect phones via twisted pair classic but also through VoIP by entering i provider data. Regardless of our fixed telephone service used, we can sleep peacefully as we have a router which is the basis DECT for six cordless phones at the same time (or even our mobile phone using a free AVM).

We talked about telephone services (we didn’t talk about the answering machine, for example, but don’t worry there is that too!), Now let’s talk about VPN: Fritz!Box it offers one of its own and allows us to connect via addresses Virtual IPs as if we were in office o in casa from anywhere in the world (not to mention the security reasons behind the VPN).

Last but not least is the Fritz operating system, which has always been a milestone taken as an example by many companies. The ultimate in performance, safety and reliability. It is also possible to carry out targeted checks at the level energeticit is also possible activate e deactivate Wi-Fi network functions for certain time slots and so on and so forth.

Conclusions and price

We are certainly faced with a product of medium / high range, certainly high performance. Design that we are now used to distinguish, truly top performance, truly enviable coverage (even with 5GHz which par excellence is the frequency with the lowest coverage compared to 2.4). WiFi 6 which certainly winks at the future but also at the present and functions that are difficult to find all within the same device. The price, slightly lower than 300€it is definitely one rock not a little. Technology pays for itself and we believe the prezzoalbeit a little high, it is broadly justified give her features of the product and its overall performance.

Fritz! Box 7590 AX review: top coverage and functions


  • Fritz! Box 7590 AX review: top coverage and functions

    connected devices

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    Points in favor

    • WiFi 6
    • Fantastic coverage
    • DECT functions
    • VPN Fritz!Box
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