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ASUS ZenScreen OLED review: OLED quality and versatility

Smartworking or less, versatility in one’s workstation has become a new standard in the world in telematic work and beyond. This has made it increasingly necessary to use two or even three monitors on one’s desk but it is not so easy to meet these standards. Space, management or economic problems can get between us and our goal of having everything we need to work at our best. This ASUS he knows it well and that’s why he created the new ASUS ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH and this is his review.

The review of the ASUS ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH

The ASUS ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH is a 16″ portable monitor which, as the name suggests, takes advantage of the fantastic OLED quality. The world of small gaming monitors is in fact usually characterized by a rather low video quality and refresh rate. After all, the main monitor is another and even if of poor quality, a secondary monitor always gets the job done. But ASUS wants to raise the bar for portable monitors “from battle” and give him a really spectacular build quality and video rendering.

But let’s start in order.


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Lo ZenScreen OLED from ASUS it is the ideal portable screen for those who are always on the move or need a secondary monitor even when away from their workstation. The screen is made with excellent materials that make it resistant and at the same time light. We are talking about 620 grams and a thickness of 5 millimeters at the top. The underside is thicker and wider to make room for the connectors. We find 4, two USB Type C ports with Display Port and Power Input, a USB Type-C used only for charging and a Mini HDMI input. Obviously there is no3.5mm jack input for headphones.

The connectors also expand the lower bezel which also houses a integrated proximity sensor which guarantees energy savings when it detects that we are no longer in front of the screen. The monitor settings management and on/off buttons are instead located on the left side. From here we will be able to explore the potential of the monitor that we will analyze in the next paragraph.

In the elegant package we find, in addition to the monitor, a USB Type-C cable, a mini HDMI cable, a USB / Type C adapter, the power supply and a practical Smart Case. The case not only protects the monitor from scratches and dust but can be folded to become a stand for the monitor itself. Last but not least, even the box itself has been designed to become a support for the monitor. With just a few folds and trimmings, you can transform the box into a stand using the foam inserts or the box itself placed behind the screen reduces reflections while improving color accuracy.


Getting to the heart of this monitor, the main feature that gives its name to this ZenScreen OLED MQ16AH is the 15.6 inch FHD (1920 x 1080) OLED panel and HDR technology. This translates into exceptional video quality on par with large desktop monitors, with over 1 billion colors, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and Delta E < 2 color accuracy.

To support our eyes, the screen takes advantage of technology ASUS Low Blue Light capable of reducing potentially harmful high-energy blue light emissions without reducing video quality. To this is added the Flicker Free technology TÜV Rheinland certified to eliminate flicker. This technology helps minimize eye strain and other ailments typically associated with long hours of use.

Last but not least, the screen is equipped with a rotation sensor so that it can also be used vertically and take advantage of a different aspect ratio for various needs.

Our test of the ASUS ZenScreen OLED

For this review, we tested the ASUS OLED ZenScreen for about two weeksduring which time it became our third monitor for work, play and entertainment.

Let’s start by saying that the screen looks great and its lightness makes it extremely versatile and easy to move around. We have never taken it out of the house but having a very small desk by standards, we have been able to move and reposition it with absolute ease. It is also simple to use, since it is a real one plug-and-play. No need to install any software or fiddle with any settings.

active, the OLED quality of this monitor is truly amazing. Vivid colors and intense blacks are the masters and have prompted us to often use it as the main monitor when we wanted to take a break in front of a TV series. About that, we particularly appreciated the creative use of the box which, in addition to being of great design, is highly functional as well as eco-friendly.

The Low Blue Light technology does its job without distorting the images and the rest of the monitor settings mean that you can adapt it to your needs, light conditions and so on. A truly great portable monitor.

The ASUS ZenScreen OLED review in a nutshell

ASUS ZenScreen OLED review

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this ZenScreen OLED from ASUS has completely enraptured us. We didn’t think we needed a third monitor to work and play but the quality, ease of use and versatility of this ASUS made us think again.

Obviously so much quality has a cost, around €500. Although this price can equal if not exceed the classic PC monitors, having such a quality and moreover portable is a significant advantage. It all depends on your usage needs, but if you move often and don’t want to give up the versatility of a second monitor, this is the device of your dreams.

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