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Ford Explorer, the electric SUV designed for Europe

The electric entices more and more FordThe SUV is coming Explorer. Designed for Europe, Ford Explorer 100% electric it is scheduled in accordance with the group Volkswagen. The production it’s at Colonia and the new Explorer take advantage of the platform MEB. This is used in the creation of the Volkswagen ID.

The interested they already can to sign up to some kind of club of potentials clientscomplete with a virtual trial, awaiting the start of orders in October and a launch scheduled for January 2024.

Ford Explorer 100 electric source site Ford 3Ford Explorer 100% electric, source site Ford

Ford Explorer recharges in 25 minutes from 10% to 80%

Il design it winks at the future. The SUV Ford Explorer it is distinguished by a characteristic line. And for the classic front radiator grille replaced by a typical electric vehicle shield. The 19″ and 20″ wheels give the vehicle a muscular image. While the horizontally extended LED lights streamline the proportions.

Currently no precise data have been disclosed in terms of powers, performances. Especially autonomy with full energy.

Ford Explorer 100 electric source site Ford 2Ford Explorer 100% electric, source site Ford

Ford Explorer the measures of the new electric SUV

The electric SUV Ford Explorer is long 4 meters and 47. Comparing the measures it is halfway between Puma and Kuga. We know that it will be available with rear or all-wheel drive, with one or two electric motors to move it.

The passenger compartment is essential, a huge 15″ touch screen is housed in the center of the dashboard. This can be adjusted in height and open up a compartment that is useful for hiding important items from the eyes of those who shouldn’t see them.

Ford Explorer 100 electric source site Ford 1Ford Explorer 100% electric, source site Ford

Ford Explorer 100% electric is also full of technology

Technology is not lacking inside the new one Electric Ford Explorer. The renamed touchscreen Sync Move gives access to many functions. This allows you to minimize the number of physical keys. The navigator will allow you to suggest the best itineraries to avoid traffic and recharge the batteries also according to your driving style. Inevitable wireless connection a AppleCar Play e Android Auto. Digital is also the instrumentation under the eyes of the driver.

Among the details brought to attention there is a compartment with a good 17 liters of capacity between the front seats but perhaps many may be more interested in the sound bar which extends for two thirds above the dashboard. It broadcasts sound via 7 loudspeakers and is credited with a power of 100 Watts for the ears of gourmets in the silence of electric propulsion.

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