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ASUSTOR and ASUS together for maximum performance

ASUSTOR and ASUS together to ensure maximum performance and the highest levels of reliability. Here are the new products of the bundled brands

To make the most of the functionality of a NAS, the choice of the router to which it will be connected plays a fundamental role. For this reason ASUSTOR and ASUS have come up with a series of NAS & router bundles which, in addition to being advantageous on the budget, guarantee the maximum in terms of functionality, reliability and performance.

The collaboration between the two giants was born due to the awareness that, especially in the home and SoHo, the choice of the router to connect the NAS can be able to make a difference, has pushed ASUSTOR and ASUS to create a series of bundles that allow the creation of small but high-performance network infrastructures able to best meet the needs of the most demanding power users, professionals and small work groups.

ASUSTOR and ASUS together for maximum performance

ASUSTOR and ASUS together for maximum performance

Thanks to the presence of a 2.5 GbE LAN port, the ASUS RT-AX86U is able to guarantee the absence of bottlenecks in the communication between NAS and routeroffering transfer speeds in excess of 200MB / s for both read and write, while the latest generation Wi-Fi 6 technology ensures low latencies, high speed during backups and file transfers, the ability to stream Of 4K video streams to different users and up to 80% higher coverage than previous generation solutions.

The characteristics of the router RT-AX86Utherefore, make it ideal to be combined with NIMBUSTOR 2 e NIMBUSTOR 4. Based on processors Intel Celeron dual-core supported by 2 GB of DDR4-2400 memory, expandable up to 8 GB and equipped with 2.5 GbE connectivity, these NAS together with the RT-AX86U represent the ideal solution for enthusiasts and power users looking for high performance, reliability and expandability.

ASUSTOR and ASUS together for maximum performance

For professionals and for those who want a NAS that guarantees uncompromising performance, the LOCKERSTOR 2 and LOCKERSTOR 4 they are definitely the best options. Equipped with quad-core Intel Celeron processors, 4 GB of DDR4-2400 memory expandable up to 8 GB and 2 slots for M.2 NVME SSDs, NAS LOCKERSTOR 2 and 4, along with the RT-AX86U router, they allow the creation of network infrastructures in a very short time that can best meet the needs of professional firms, agencies and micro-enterprises.

Equipped with two 10GbE ports, one of which is SFP, therefore, with support for 10G connectionsboth on fiber and copper, latest generation Wi-Fi 6 technology and a 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU, capable of optimizing network traffic when several users and devices are connected at the same time, The ASUS RT-AX89X router is the best choice you can make to make the most of the features of high-end ASUSTOR NAS, such as the LOCKERSTOR 8, LOCKERSTOR 10 and LOCKERSTOR 10 Prowhich is able to offer storage space up to 200TB, as well as support virtualization and Docker apps.

ASUSTOR and ASUS together for maximum performance

The proposed solutions, whether they are aimed at purely domestic or SoHo areas, guarantee levels of privacy and security at the highest levels. In fact, ASUS routers not only offer excellent performance, but also guarantee total protection, both inside and outside your home or office. At home, network security is guaranteed by AiProtection Pro with technology Trend Microa complete suite of internet security with a commercial value of more than € 50 / year. AiProtection Pro simultaneously and automatically protects all connected deviceseven the most vulnerable ones that do not offer the possibility to install firewalls or antivirus, as in the case of some solutions for home automation and IOT products, with free lifetime updates already included in the purchase price.

Outside your home or office, the Instant Guard feature makes any public WiFi connection safe and secure. Instant Guard, in fact, creates a VPN data tunnel to your router from anywhere in the worldthus offering the same maximum peace of mind of your own private network even when using public Internet connections, therefore potentially unsecure.

Prices and conclusions

I bundle NAS ASUSTOR & router ASUS are available at the best IT retailers with retail prices starting from 619 Euro including VAT (price refers to the bundle of ASUSTOR NIMBUSTOR 2 with ASUS RT-AX86U).

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