The Apple Watch Series 8 will hit the market in 2022

A Bloomberg report recently announced that 2022 could be “the biggest [anno] in the history of Apple from the original model “. Over the course of the year we should therefore expect new features for the company’s smartwatches, the release of theApple Watch Series 8 and some other news. Among these, the Apple Watch Series 3 “could finally be retired“. But let’s find out more about the advances released by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Apple Watch Series 8: The launch scheduled for 2022

According to reports by Gurman, three different Apple smartwatch models will be released during the year. The Apple Watch Series 8, an updated SE model it’s a Apple Watch designed for extreme sports. And despite all these news, the Cupertino company does not seem interested in releasing “any new important health sensor” on its wearables. Although it appears that Apple will add a feature for the body temperature measurement. In addition to this, we might also expect “major updates to activity tracking” and continuous performance improvements.

Finally, with the launch of the new smartwatch the company could abandon the older Series 3. On the other hand, this model has been criticized several times on the Net. And despite its highly competitive price, it is purchased less and less by users, especially due to the poor performance guaranteed. In short, for an Apple Watch that goes away, at least three more would seem to be ready to arrive. For all the details of the case, we would have to wait a little longer. But we are sure that Apple’s new smartwatches will amaze us a lot.

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