Asustor announces Flashstor 6 and 12 Pro, two innovative full NVMe NAS

Asustor annuncia Flashstor 6 e 12 Pro, due innovativi NAS full NVMe thumbnail

SCARED is one of the most important and innovative manufacturers of NAS. Established in 2011 with a direct investment from ASUSTek Computer Inc. Announce new Flashstore 6 and 12 PROhis first NAS totally based on NVMe technology.

Asustor Flashstor 6 and 12 PRO, i primi NAS based on NVMe technology

Featuring an exclusive design, which makes them perfect to be placed in any environment. They are light, compact and equipped with an efficient cooling system. They are able to keep the hardware and SSD drives always at optimal temperatures. Keeping the sound emissions within 18.7 decibels, the Flashstor series NAS guarantee high performancei in every situation. But also a large storage capacity and extensive expansion possibilities.

Equipped with 10nm Quad-Core Intel Celeron N5105 processor that can push up to 2.9GHz. There are also 4 GB of RAM DDR4-2933 ad high efficiency expandable up to 16 GB. The new Flashstor 6 and 12 Pro offer two USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 10 Gbps ports, one S/PDIF port, one HDMI 2.0 (4K 60 Hz). Finally, they offer respectively the possibility to mount up to 6 and up to 12 NVMe SSD drives.

The connectivity of Asustor Flashstor 6 12 Pro

Even on the connectivity front, ASUSTOR has decided not to compromise. Indeed, the Flashstor 6 makes available due door 2.5-Gigabite, while the Flashstor 12 Pro comes standard with a 10-Gigabit port. Thanks to the absence of bottlenecks, the Flashstor 6 is able to offer read speeds up to 590 MB/s and up to 583 MB/s write (SMB Multichannel in RAID 5). While the Flashstor 12 Pro manages to hit 1,181 MB/s read and up to 1,027 MB/s write.

Particularly interesting is the possibility of connecting the AS6004U expansion unit via USB which, allowing you to mount the traditional HDDs, can go as far as providing up to 88TB of additional storage space. Thanks to the support of exclusive technology MyArchiveFurthermore, the expansion unit can also be used as a removable disk device, offering virtually unlimited capacity and unmatched flexibility.

The presence of porte HDMI 2.0 e S/PDIF, their silence and the support of hardware transcoding of 4K videos make the new Flashstor 6 and 12 Pro also ideal for those who are looking for the definitive solution on which to base their home entertainment system and want a device with compact and elegant, which can also be placed in the living room next to the smart TV.

The operating system

For what concern operating systemthe new Flashstor can count on the tried and tested ADM 4.2, which includes particularly useful features such as, for example, Dr. ASUSTOR, which helps to effectively reduce data security risks, Share Links, which allows even users who have an account on the NAS to download and upload files securely, VPN clients such as WireGuard and over 200 applications able to satisfy every need, from entertainment to video surveillance, via virtualization and the office.

The new Flashstor 6 and Flashstor 12 Pro are available today with street prices of respectively 559.00 Euros and 949.00 Euros VAT included.

Asustor Flashstor 6 and 12 PRO, technical characteristics

CPU: Quad-Core Intel Celeron N5105 2.0 GHz – 2.9GHz turbo

RAM: 4GB DDR4-2933 expandable up to 16GB.


6x M.2 slot per SSD NVMe SSD PCIe  3.0 (Flashstor 6)

12x M.2 slot per SSD NVMe SSD PCIe 3.0 (Flashstor 12 Pro).


2x 2.5-Gigabit – 100/1000/2500 (Flashstor 6)

1x 10-Gigabit Ethernet – 100/1000/2500/5000/10000 (Flashstor 12 Pro)

Flashstor 6 maximum read and write speed: 590/590 MB/s (SMB Multichannel RAID 5)

Flashstor 12 maximum read and write speed: 1,181/1,027 MB/s (RAID 5).


2x USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 – 10Gbps

2x USB 2.0

1x HDMI 2.0 4K 60 Hz

1x S/PDIF.

Various types of Support

Hardware accelerated encryption support

Supporto RAID 0/1 /5 /6 /10, Single, JBOD

Supporto Wake on LAN e Wake on WAN (Flashstor 6)

Supports Wake on LAN (Flashstor 12).