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ASUSTOR at SiComputer 30th Anniversary Roadshow

ASUSTOR will be present as a sponsor at SiComputer’s 30th anniversary roadshow

The Taiwanese company will be alongside the leading Italian producer at the traveling event which will start from Bari on March 31st. The event will then conclude in November with the Romagna stage, scheduled at the Misano World Circuit.

Details about ASUSTOR’s presence at the SiComputer roadshow

ASUSTOR is one of the leading and most innovative NAS manufacturers, founded in 2011 with a direct investment from ASUSTek Computer Inc.,. It will be a partner of SiComputer, a leading company in Italy in the design and construction of IT devices, on the occasion of a roadshow that will touch the main areas of the peninsula. The event will end in November inside the Misano World Circuit, where the company from Romagna will officially celebrate its 30th anniversary.

ASUSTOR at SiComputer 30th Anniversary Roadshow

ASUSTOR and SiComputer

Able to satisfy every type of need, from having virtually unlimited storage space to being able to count on a high-performance storage solution! ASUSTOR NAS are the ideal complements to the SiComputer products. In fact, they represent an excellent choice both for those in the SoHo area who are looking for a simple and reliable solution with which to manage the backups of their PCs. Both for SMEs, which today find themselves having to manage the constant increase in the amount of data to be archived in compliance with particularly stringent regulations such as the GDPR, as well as to keep their digital assets safe.

L’evento roadshow

The agenda of the roadshow days will be particularly rich and will see SiComputer presenting its solutions and various new proposals. But there will also be scenario sessions in which different topics will be explored, including the opportunities offered by the markets in which the company operates. There will also be one-to-one meetings, in which the dealers will be able to meet with the company’s management. Finally, it will be possible for participants to touch a selection of NAS signed ASUSTOR.

ASUSTOR at SiComputer 30th Anniversary Roadshow

Statements regarding ASUSTOR and the SiComputer roadshow

It is truly an honor for us to be able to participate as a partner in the SiComputer roadshow, a series of highly anticipated meetings as they fall in the year in which the company celebrates its 30th anniversary, as well as the full return of this type of activity after the stop imposed by the pandemic,

said Davide RedegalliSales Manager Italy of ASUSTOR, who then concluded:

I am sure that our proposals will be appreciated also by SiComputer dealers, who will find in our NAS the attention to detail, reliability and performance that we share with the most important Italian manufacturer of computer systems.

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