ASUSTOR NAS: Photo Gallery 3 and AiFoto 3.0 for a smarter NAS

Shortly after June 1st, the day when it will no longer be possible to store your shots on Google Photos for free beyond the threshold of 15 GB, ASUSTOR NAS are the ideal solution on which to save and manage your photo archive in a simple way. immediate and safe with Photo Gallery 3 and AiFoto 3.0

ASUSTOR, one of the most important and innovative NAS manufacturers founded in 2011 with a direct investment by ASUSTek Computer Inc., thanks to the recent renovation of Photo Gallery 3 e AiFoto 3.0, has also made their NAS perfect for those who want to manage their photo archives and videos without having to worry about space problems, monthly cloud storage fees and the loss of quality caused by compression algorithms.

Ahead of June 1st, when many people will be in having to decide whether to purchase additional cloud space, due to the changes to the free storage space that Google makes available, ASUSTOR has decided to take the possibilities of managing photo archives to a new level through Photo Gallery 3 and the AiFoto 3.0 app, which have been renewed to offer a wide range of new features and make organizing and managing your photos even easier.

ASUSTOR NAS: Photo Gallery 3 and AiFoto 3.0 for a smarter NAS

ASUSTOR NAS: More transparent photo archive management

Featuring a new interface that makes uploading and browsing photos easier than ever before, Photo Gallery 3 is an ASUSTOR NAS app that, among other things, allows you to create in a few moments photo albums recognizable at a glance, thanks to the thumbnails on the cover photo, while the full integration with all the main social networks allows the direct sharing of the images on the NAS on their social channels.

AiFoto 3, on the other hand, is an app available for both Android and iOS, which has been entirely revamped to offer a host of new features and simplify the organization of photos on ASUSTOR NAS directly from mobile. The app allows you to make instant automatic uploads of images, sharing photos and videos, creating smart albums. and also provides a practical timeline that allows you to easily navigate within your memory archive.

ASUSTOR NAS: Photo Gallery 3 and AiFoto 3.0 for a smarter NAS

?? Photography enthusiasts, but also ordinary people, who take their photos daily with smartphones, in a few months can reach accumulate a truly remarkable amount of images, an archive of memories that you want to be able to keep and relate to alone or in company when you want ??, said Massimiliano Guerini, Sales Manager Italy of ASUSTOR, who then continued:

?? Keeping your shots on the cloud, until now, was the choice that went for the most, but the need to start dealing with monthly fees should make us think about possible alternatives. A NAS like those of the 2 and 4 bay Lockerstor and Nimbustor series, for example, in addition to providing virtually unlimited storage space for your photos and videos, offers multiple benefits and features, including the ability to perform security backup of all devices in the family ??.

More details are available on the official ASUSTOR website. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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