WebSite X5 Go: here’s how to get 10 more templates for free

If the templates included with the WebSite X5 Go version aren’t enough for you, here’s how to get 10 more templates for free. Let’s see how to do it

Everyone, for better or for worse, we have always wanted to open a website to share our passions with other people. Whether they are dedicated to video games, to the hardware sector or simply to movies and TV series, we have all always wanted to use our experience. A very affordable solution is definitely WebSite X5, which allows us to set up a site without knowing anything about programming.

But what could we do if we don’t have enough money to buy a paid version? Obviously the free version gives us a very important hand, but the limit of available templates can be a problem. In this article we will reveal to you how to get 10 more templates, completely free, for the version of WebSite X5 Go. Let’s find out how to do it together.

Here’s how to get 10 more free templates for the Go version of WebSite X5

For those who still don’t know the program, we want to remind you that WebSite X5 is specifically designed to help users to create your own website in an intuitive and simple way. Whether it’s an ecommerce, a blog or a “showcase” site, just follow 5 simple steps:

  • Set up the project – This is the first step that will define the type of site you want to create.
  • Customize the template – In this step you will take care of the appearance of your site, customizing its structure and content
  • Organize the site – This is perhaps one of the most important steps to take. In fact, here you will add the various pages of the site and a specific navigation menu will be created based on the map.
  • Create the pages – Here you can insert the contents of each single page: texts, photo galleries, videos, forums and much more.
  • Go online with your site – In the last step you will have to register the domain of your choice and take advantage of the included web space to publish the site online as an internal FTP engine

WebSite X5 Go: here's how to get 10 more templates for free

In short, a breeze even for the less accustomed. Furthermore, with the latest update made, WebSite X5 was implemented to create ecommerce sites even more reliable. If you want to know what we think of this software, I invite you to read our review. Now let’s move on to the basic reason of this article and find out how to get 10 more templates for WebSite X5 Go for free.

All you have to do will be connect to the official website via this link and click on the “download free” button. In short, nothing could be easier! What do you think of this software? Do you use it for your sites? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss any news regarding the software universe, keep following the pages of!

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