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At CES 2023 Samsung could present a foldable and sliding smartphone

At CES 2023, Samsung could present both a foldable and sliding thumbnail smartphone

The annual officially begins today Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of Las Vegas. where we at techgameworld.com are present, as has become tradition, with one of our delegations. As reported by According to ETNews, CES 2023 could be an opportunity for Samsung to unveil the first screen for smartphones and tablets that is both foldable and sliding. However, still according to ETNews, the company will present the new technology to its partners behind closed doors.

CES 2023: Samsung and the first smartphone both sliding and foldable

According to rumors on the net, the screen diagonal measures 8 inches when folded, rising to 10 when open. At this point it is possible to further expand the OLED display via the scrolling screen, arriving at having an overall diagonal of 12.4 inches.

Samsung is already among the industry leaders in foldable smartphones, having launched the Z Flip and Z-Fold lines. However, this new hybrid technology on OLED screens is absolutely new and it is not yet clear whether it will be introduced on smartphones or tablets.

According to sammobile.com, Samsung is looking to expand its OLED display market by developing advanced shapes and solutions. OLED screens are already used in many smartwatches, fitness bands, smartphones and tablets. OLED technology is also slowly making its way into laptops and PC monitors. Not only that: hybrid OLED panels can also be used inside vehicles, as they can expand the screen space of on-board computers.

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