Here's how Sony wants to bring cloud gaming to Netflix and YouTube

Here’s how Sony wants to bring cloud gaming to Netflix and YouTube

Ill cloud gaming Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) might not just be limited to PlayStation consoles, but also extend to streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube. The news comes directly from a patent filed by SIE, according to which the company could also integrate the game in streaming on third-party platforms.

The patent, titled “PASS-THROUGH DEVICE FOR CLOUD GAMING AND METHODS FOR PROCESSING”, reveals a system that would allow gamers to access and play video games through a server in the cloud. In practice, users will be able to play the games in the catalog simply by selecting them, as well as selecting the movies to watch on Netflix.

Sony cloud gaming on Netflix and YouTube? Here’s what we know

According to the patent, the pass-through device will be able to connect to a streaming device (such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick). At this point, integration with third-party services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will be automatic. The patent explains that “Users can seamlessly switch between media viewing and cloud gaming efficientlyusing a pass-through device connected to their favorite streaming device”.

According to the patent, the pass-through device will have HDMI input and output ports. Unlike current cloud gaming systems, the controller (or any other input device) may not need to be connected directly to the streaming/display device but, rather, wirelessly to the pass-through device. This step eliminates the need to even have a computer or console to run your cloud gaming system on. In short words it will be possible to play the games without owning a PlayStation console.

Is this the future of cloud gaming?

Meanwhile, on this road, Logitech is preparing to launch a console entirely dedicated to cloud gaming: Logitech G Cloud.

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