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At the Fuorisalone Intel celebrates the game designers who have made the history of video games

MILAN – We often make the mistake of underestimating the contribution of women to the world of video games.
And – let’s face it – it’s not the fault of individuals, at least not always.
Every time we find “women” and “video games” in the same sentence we find ourselves telling how hard it is to be a human being belonging to the fairer sex in this sector. Or how much (fortunately) female characters have evolved throughout history, going from the classic damsels to be saved to the absolute protagonists of industry milestones.
All of this is correct.
It is still vital today to address these issues in the hope of achieving gender equality in a formerly male-dominated environment.
However, we must not forget one important thing: women, even in the past, have given a strong boost to the world of video games.
To tell it, Intel has decided to bring an exhibition to the Fuorisalone: Design in Videogames.

Design in Videogames to learn and have fun

Video game design shows

The exhibition, which you will find at Spazio Filippetti (viale Angelo Filippetti, 41, Milan) from 17 to 23 Aprilopens with a huge area that tells the story and the contribution of 6 game designers who have left their mark, from Jina Ishiwatari con Sonic The Hedgehog a Amy Hennig with Uncharted. An interesting journey that also includes clips from 6 different video games, contained within Samsung’s The Frame TVs that practically transform them into digital paintings.

PC video game design

Space for play too with mini PCs, latest generation laptops – branded Acer, ASUS, HP, MSI, Lenovo and Samsung – e virtual realitycon AnotheReality who has decided to make his new Tennis League VR available to everyone, a passionate game for Oculus Quest 2 that will transform you into real tennis players.

Finally, there will be training and in-depth moments, lessons and workshops of game design with industry experts and talks dedicated to the world of video games and the female perspective with industry professionals and content creators.
Find the complete program on the official page.

Ah, little gem: inside the space you can see at work too twinkly lights which here take on the most varied forms. You will want them too, just know that.

If you pass by Porta Romana next week, we advise you to absolutely drop by.

When: 17-23 April 2023, h. 10am-8pm

Dove: Spazio Filippetti, Viale Filippetti 41, Milan (MM3 Porta Romana)

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