Haier Europe launches its decalogue of the smart change of season

Haier Europe lancia il suo decalogo del cambio di stagione smart thumbnail

Haier Europea global leader in connected home appliances, presents the most useful smart season change decaloguemade up of functions and suggestions available on the hOn app, Smart tips and memos on sustainable behaviour.

“Our main goal is to satisfy all consumer needs, in all their nuances,” he said Piergiorgio Bonfiglioli, Marketing Director, Haier Europe.

“Being able to offer solutions that adapt in real time to the needs of all users, at all times of the year, allows us to help them face, simplifying them, both daily actions and extraordinary ones such as those related to the change of season. People’s well-being, time and satisfaction are essential themes for us, which is why we provide functions and suggestions that can help them speed up sometimes boring passages to dedicate themselves to what they love most”.

The decalogue for Haier’s smart season change

How do citizens of France and Great Britain deal with the change of season? Thanks to the data shared on the hOn app, it is possible to better discover consumers and their preferences, also to offer functions that are increasingly in line with everyone’s needs.

For example, the French use the “weather check” function a lot” to start the washing machines at the right time and then hang them out in the sun. In Italiainstead, it is the inventory function for the fridge and pantry is particularly popularwhile all countries are looking for methods and ways to save energy, such as proactive regulation of the temperature of the fridge and alerts for the maintenance of appliances.

Below, however, are the 10 tips for a smart and stress-free change of season.

I 10 points

1. Set a seasonal reminder for special washes via the hOn app, to program smart wash reminders on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

2. Home appliance health maintenance memo: from checking the filters of the air purifiers, to defrosting the refrigerator, up to descaling the washing machine and dishwasher, the alerts set via the hOn app can help supervise the maintenance and cleaning of household appliances thus avoiding unnecessary consumption or sudden breakages.

3. No garment should be stored with dirt stains that are difficult to remove! The hOn app also collects useful specific suggestions for eliminating many types of stains, ranging from the type of fabric and type of preferred remedy.

4. Take advantage of the beautiful dayshanging outdoors and using the hOn app to receive indications on the best time to wash and hang according to the weather conditions.

5. Curtains, duvets, ski suits and soft toys require specific washingpossible to choose on the app, taking advantage of anti-mite and anti-allergy programs.

6. Air conditioners also need maintenanceSo take advantage programs designed to purify the air from pollen, dust, viruses and bacteria, also using UV rays.

7. Beware of duplicates: before shopping, do a quick check of the wardrobecreating a virtual wardrobe thanks to the hOn app and scanning the clothing labels.

8. Spring cleaning is also done in the kitchen, taking advantage of the possibility, through the hOn app, of creating an inventory to keep track of all the food in the house.

9. Change of season and menuwith different foods and recipes for new salads and increasingly colorful dishes.

10. Even the refrigerator wants its sharewith the function Proactive fridge temperaturewhich adjusts to the whims of spring.