Al NAB Show Adobe presenta le nuove funzionalità di Premiere Pro thumbnail

At the NAB Show, Adobe introduces the new features of Premiere Pro CC

On April 15, the doors will open to the NAB Show, a huge trade show hosted by the Las Vegas Convention Center and dedicated to media, entertainment and technology.
TV, radio, production, post-production, streaming, special effects, security – there really is room for it all.

Also among the exhibitors Adobe which, in view of the 2023 edition of the NAB Show, it has decided to show the world the news that will arrive in May and which will involve some of the most loved and used programs of its Creative Cloud.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: What’s new?

Adobe Premiere Pro CC it is one of the most used video editing software in the world. Not only by creators but above all by professionals in the sector, by those who edit documentaries, films and TV series in life.
An example? The award-winning Everything EveryWhere All At Once was edited with Premiere.

To facilitate the life of those who use this program every day, the Californian company has decided to introduce the “text-based editing“, i.e. the possibility of editing a video starting from the transcription of the speech.
The feature, currently in beta, supports all languages ​​in which Premiere Pro CC is currently available and allows, among other things, to make cuts, search for specific words, change the order of specific sentences without touching the timeline, but only just rearranging the text.
A novelty that will above all delight those who have to deal with hours and hours of interviews.

Adobe also seems ready to solve one of the problems that often trouble creators.
Shooting clips with iPhone and its HDR we often encounter various crashes in the timeline. In fact, the clips are burned and distant from the result that you can instead view on your smartphone.
This drama shouldn’t wear out anymore: Coming up is a flag called Auto Tune that automatically adjusts HDR.
A second tick called will also arrive Auto Detect Video Log Color Space which allows Premiere Pro CC to understand in which Log format the clip was recorded in order to directly apply the color, without having to choose the most appropriate LUT yourself. The result? A lot of time saved.
Then, of course, you will still be free to intervene to adjust the color to your needs, but at least you will have a starting point that reflects the natural and effective colors of what you have shot.

The US company claims that the next version of Premiere Pro CC will be the most stable and fastest everwith additional features including background auto-save, improved user collaboration, and much more.

E After Effects CC?

Password: efficiency.
And so Adobe decided to review the After Effects properties panel to make it easier. Access will now be very fast, allowing you to change the various elements on the fly, with a menu that is finally contextual and intuitive without losing familiarity.
All this to attract new animation professionals and, at the same time, make life easier for those who have already used AE for a long time.

Colorama then becomes the default color pickersupport for ACES and OpenColorIO arrives, so as to have faithful colors even on shared assets, and finally a new diagnostic function. is also renewed

Con you can upload, review and privately share media files with your entire team, anywhere in the world. A platform created to facilitate collaboration and which provides, among the various functions, “Camera to Cloud“, i.e. the ability to upload footage or photos to the cloud in real time.
To the list of devices that support C2C are now also added Fujifilm X-H2 e X-H2s.

News also on the security front with the introduction of the Forensic Watermark Code which allows a clip to survive transcodes, live streams and screen recordings.

Also coming support for .psd, .ai and .indd, to animated annotations and much more.

In short, there are many new features and we can’t wait to try them.

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