CFS Europe ha ideato un rivoluzionario sistema che trasforma gli scarti chimici in energia thumbnail

CFS Europe has devised a system that transforms chemical waste into energy

CFS Europe, a leading chemical company, has made a groundbreaking announcement, following years of investment in R&D. The company has developed a cutting-edge industrial process that transforms tars, a typical production waste of the sector, into gas to be used as an energy source.

It is an innovative process, with very high technology, capable of recover almost all chemical waste. The goal is to create recycled energy to power the company’s plants and, in the future, to be able to apply the patent to other areas as well.

CFS Europe leads the green revolution in the chemical sector

The company currently produces 5 million kilograms (5,000 tons) of waste pitch per year within its production site in Ravenna. These should be transported on trucks and incinerated, with high costs and time. The new industrial process would make it possible to solve this problem.

The company is considering buying land near the factory to build the gasification plant. The plant should be up and running to its full capacity by 2025. This is the year that CFS Europe wants to achieve carbon neutrality.

You followed the words of Massimo Cupello Castagna, President and CEO of CFS Europe:

“We have devised an industrial transformation process that did not exist before: from highly polluting waste, such as tars, we will obtain a clean combustible resource, energy that will feed our factories and our plants. This positions us as innovators in the world of sustainability, not just in our industry. Today the world is going through a very important phase of green transition and even in our sector we are starting to talk about ‘good’ chemistry. In my vision as an entrepreneur, sustainability is an essential pillar and continuous investment in research and development is essential, exactly as we are doing.”

Massimo Cupello Castagna Chief Executive Officer and President of CFS Europe 2Massimo Cupello Castagna, President and CEO of CFS Europe

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