At WitcherCon no announcements about a new The Witcher

If you were hoping for a new title dedicated to the most famous witcher in video games, you will have to lower your expectations. In fact, no new The Witcher will be announced during WitcherCon

Many years have passed since the release of The Witcher 3. Surely the title of the trilogy most appreciated by fans. Following the high interest shown for this latest title, as well as for the recent Netflix TV series, CD Projekt Red in collaboration with Netflix has announced an online celebratory event. WitcherCon will be held on July 9th and will be broadcast on streaming on the official channels of the two companies; on the occasion of this special event, it was stated that it will not be presented no new game or sequel of The Witcher.

No new The Witcher will be presented during WitcherCon

CD Projekt Red had promised at the time that the processing on the next The Witcher title it would start right away after the launch of Cyberpunk 2077. For this reason, despite the problems had with Cyberpunk, this should be a good time to find out more about the future of the videogame saga of The Witcher. Also because, as mentioned, it will soon be time for WitcherCon, an online event where a lot of material on the behind the scenes, both of the TV series, but above all of the latest Wild Hunt chapter.

At WitcherCon no announcements about a new The Witcher

However, fans will have to lower expectations. In fact, at the bottom of the main page of the same WitcherCon it is reiterated that it will not be done no new announcements concerning an upcoming chapter of The Witcher. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. For now, it appears that the company is focusing on Cyberpunk, specifically for adjust the game, as well as to develop the next DLC and to optimize the next gen versions. If we remember correctly, CD Projekt had stated that work on several AAA titles would begin only in 2022.

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