ATAC unveils the first Tap & Go bus with a contactless reader

ATAC presenta il primo bus Tap&Go con lettore contactless thumbnail

ATTACKthe transport agency of the municipality of Rome, presented the first experimental Tap & Go bus with a contactless reader made in collaboration with Mastercard. This is a first step in a broader and more articulated project that will bring the entire ATAC fleet to be able to count on contactless readers in the near future, with a view to a digital transformation program already underway.

ATAC focuses on contactless payments: the Tap & Go project starts

ATAC will provide passengers with dedicated personnel who will be on duty for the next 15 days on the line 51 to illustrate the characteristics of the Tap & Go initiative. Subsequently, starting fromOctober 2022ATAC plans to extend Tap & Go adoption to more vehicles in its fleet surface to make contactless readers on buses even more popular. According to forecasts, the operations will be completed by the end of the year. For users there will be the possibility to pay the ticket with a payment card or with a contactless device on the entire fleet.

Mastercard’s comment

Luca Corti, Vice President Business Development Italy of Mastercard, declares: “After the successful launch of Tap & Go in the capital’s metro at the end of 2019, we are thrilled to further extend the service by making it now also available on surface transport. This innovative service, in fact, not only allows us to inaugurate a new way of using transport in the Roman area, in line with the digital evolution that cities in Italy and around the world are experiencing, but also responds to the increased attention to sustainability, allowing you to save large quantities of paper, typical of traditional travel tickets ”

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